Double Dates Can Improve Your Relationship, Here’s Why

How many times have you promised your couple friends that you’re going to go out next weekend, but never really followed through? It’s common for couples to change their minds about double dates with other couples because of the following reasons:

  • You’re too tired to hang out.
  • You feel that you’re probably going to compete with the other couple.
  • You don’t feel like competing.
Double Dates Can Improve Your Relationship, Here's Why | Anastasia Date
Why are double dates beneficial to your relationship?

The reasons stated above are all pretty valid, but you might want to change your mind now that there has been a study saying that hanging out with other couples can actually be beneficial to your relationship.

Next Time, Say Yes To Double Dates

Researchers selected couples and invited them to take part in a discussion task. The participants did it alone as a couple, in a group of couples who have never met before.

Each pair was asked questions which were designed to encourage closeness. The couples took turns answering questions either by themselves or with the group. The degree of how deep the questions were escalated after a period.  Other couples were asked questions that were more of small-talk like “When was the last time you walked for more than an hour?” and questions about a couple’s romantic relationship and relationship satisfaction were also added into the mix.

The Results Say Double Dates Can Be Good For Your Love Life

Afterwards, the researchers made sense of the data they collected and found that:

  • Couples who have deep conversations also have a higher rating for how satisfied they are in their relationship. These couples’ connection was not affected in any way when they answered the small-talk questions.
  • Couples who answered deep questions with a group had an increase in the passionate love they felt for their significant other. On the other hand, couples who answered deep questions alone did not have an increase in the passion they feel.

Double Dates Are A Go

The results are interesting, don’t you think? The whole thought about getting competitive with the other couple when you go on a double date is probably a common misconception, but we’ve debunked that today. The researchers cannot pinpoint the exact reason why the results turned out the way they did, but they say that it is most likely because of another couple’s validation of the relationship.

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