Are Hyggeships The New Netflix And Chill?

If you haven’t heard of hyggeships before, don’t worry. It just went mainstream because it’s exactly what couples, and even singles, need during the winter months. Could it be the new “Netflix and chill”? Are Hyggeships The New Netflix And Chill?
What is a hyggeship and is it for you? What You Need To Know About Hyggeships

Winter time calls for different things – winter sports, fireplaces, and maybe a tropical vacation to escape the cold. But for many people, winter creates the perfect chance to practice “hygge”.

It’s pronounced /hoo-gah/ and it’s a term that Danes use to describe the process of slowing down and indulging in the simple joys of life.

Hyggeship is simply “hygge” + “relationship”. Hyggeships are formed when two people decide to be in a relationship during the winter. You could be in a hyggeship if you got back with your ex so the winter months won’t feel too blue.  You can also be in a hyggeship if you are two single people who desire companionship during the winter. The cold and the gloomy weather can bring anyone down so having someone to cuddle and snuggle with can be uplifting.

As for this type relationship being the new “Netflix and chill”, it could be if by “Netflix and chill” you mean just hanging out and being lazy. Tips On Hyggeship Dates

If you’re in a hyggeship, you’ll need to go on hygge dates. Below is a list of some suggestions. Just remember that the hygge activities you’re going to read are designed to slow things down. They are not like regular dates because they can be done at home:

1. Get Out The Faux Fur Throw And Just Chill By The Fire

Start off by relaxing on your couch with the fireplace lit. Don’t forget the faux fur throw to make your hygge date extra relaxing during a cold winter’s day.

2. Read With The Comfiest Winter Socks On

When was the last time you read a good book? You can share this activity with your partner. Level up your warmth by wearing matching winter socks.

3. Take A Nap Together

Taking a nap isn’t, by any means, considered a date in other circumstances, but winter has come, and you’re in a hyggeship. So, napping is a legit hygge date.

4. Have Food Delivered

Remember that hygge dates are no ordinary dates. Instead of eating out, just stay in, cuddle up, and have food delivered. Don’t forget the wine.

Do Hyggeships End When Winter Ends?

They don’t have to, depending on what you’ve talked about with your partner. If both of you agree that you’re just together, so winter won’t be too lonely, then your hyggeship could end when the last snowflake melts. But, the couple can always decide to continue the relationship and stick to hygge dates when the winter comes again.

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