Anastasia Dating Site Review: No More Dinner Dates In 2017?

This year was the year for dating apps, but according to a recent survey, fewer people are opting to share a meal with a person they met through online dating. Specifically, people don’t seem to want to have dinner with people they meet online. This Anastasia Date site review finds out if the dinner date lost its magic.

Anastasia Dating Site Review No More Dinner Dates In 2017
Will there be dinner dates in 2017?

Anastasia Dating Site Review: Do Dinner Dates Translate To A Deeper Commitment?

According to a survey, millennials only sent 7 messages out of 10,000, exchanged through dating apps and dating sites this year, asking the person they’re chatting with, would they like to have dinner. Seven messages only – that’s a big difference. So, what’s causing this phenomenon?

It’s true that modern online dating can be a hit or miss. You won’t really know if you have chemistry with a person unless you meet him or her in real life, and then spend a bit of time together. What millennials would like to know is if the chemistry is right between them and the other person. With this goal in mind, a dinner date can be a good way to test out the chemistry, but millennials find that it can be too formal.

What millennials go on, instead, is a quick meet-and-greet in a cafe for coffee. Going out for a quick drink is also a popular dinner date alternative.

The majority of millennials that are online dating think that going out for coffee or drinks is less cumbersome when you find out that you don’t have great chemistry together. It’s also easier to “ghost” someone after having drinks or coffee because the meeting was more casual, with no expectations. You have to admit that this type of meeting arrangement can be lighter on a guy’s wallet too.

There’s still hope for the traditional dinner date, though. These kinds of dates are reserved for the second or third meeting when the spark is present. This Anastasia Date site review concludes that dinner dates are not a thing of the past. They are just reserved for “hits” instead of “misses”.

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