Here’s What’s Wrong With Your Future-Wife Checklist

Most men have it, so you shouldn’t deny the fact that you also have what’s called a future-wife checklist. Although some of us may not be writing it on paper, we still have the list memorized in our heads. We use this list every time we go offline or online to find dates. There’s a problem with most of our lists, though.

Future-Wife Checklist: Here's What's Wrong With Yours | Anastasia Date

The Three Problems With Your Future-Wife Checklist You Have To Fix

Having a future-wife checklist isn’t bad at all. It’s like having an ideal type. However, as mentioned, some of our lists are flawed because we base them on the idea of our dream person. Our dream person is perfect, she will cater to our every need, and she won’t grab the remote from our hands when we are watching the game. This is simply unrealistic. Our lists need to be:

Clear On Our Own Values

Definitely, we are all looking for a set of values in our future wife. However, if you haven’t set your own values for yourself, you could be sending mixed signals. For example, you may be looking for a wife but you haven’t thought about future plans like buying a house or having children. You don’t have to discuss this with a person you just met, but you do have to decide if these are what you want in the future.

Focused On Shared Meaning

A lot of men are thinking of compatibility, and some differences are already grounds for a relationship that is not bound to work. What they forget is the aspect of having shared meaning. Having a successful marriage doesn’t mean that the couple always agrees and does not argue, but the point is they have agreed to disagree and are amicable about it.

Focused On Soft Skills

We have set our future-wife checklist to tune in on major physical characteristics up to achievements at work or in the community. But, there are certain skills that a person needs to cultivate in order to live a meaningful life and not just exist. These are things like being able to carry on even in difficult situations, to make do when there is a lack, and to act accordingly when there is an emergency. These are some of the important soft skills that we need in life but are not usually seen while dating or even at the onset of a relationship.

The initial attraction we feel serves to bring two people together. But, when you start a relationship that might eventually lead to marriage, it’s the little, unseen things that actually matter. Maybe you need to re-do your future-wife checklist at this point. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.