What Gorgeous Russian Girls Never Want You To Say

Don’t let the title fool you, there are plenty of gorgeous Russian girls on the internet that are not over sensitive. But these ladies get fed up by what foreign guys say a number of times. And you should be intrigued by what these things are because you might even be guilty of saying some of them.

Do Not Say Any Of These Things To Gorgeous Russian Girls

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Most of the time, men feel the need to say whatever comes to their mind first when they meet gorgeous Russian girls because: a) They’re nervous and b) They have no idea what to say. This could be a bad move if what you end up saying offends a Russian woman. Never say any of the following things:

1. “You should learn English better.”

This is seemingly harmless to most of you reading this now, but please understand that no Russian woman wants to hear this. How about if she tells you that you need to learn Russian? English may not be her native language, but it’s no reason for a guy she met on the internet to rub it in.

2. “I like the way your body looks.”

There’s a thin line between complimenting a woman’s shapely figure and being too forward. Gorgeous Russian girls already know that they look great, but maybe you should tell them so in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re only after a physical relationship.

3. “Russia must be a terrible place to live.”

However you view Russia is not the way Russian females view their homeland. Here’s a good reminder for you: Russians are very patriotic. Whatever negative things you say about Mother Russia, Matryoshka dolls, or anything Russian, is an absolute turn off.

4. “It’s funny how women consider themselves independent.”

Anything you say that undermines women as a whole is a deal breaker. You may have read on dating blogs that gender roles are still prominent in Eastern Europe, but that doesn’t mean that women are considered lower class.

5. “Can’t you take a joke?”

Gorgeous Russian girls can take a joke, but what they can’t take is you thinking that you’re joking when you’re really being rude.

All of these are pretty basic phrases to avoid when you’re dating online. The main point is to be aware of yourself and of what you’re saying. You can be a gentleman in real life, but if you’re not careful, gorgeous Russian ladies will think otherwise. Check out more of posts on our blog for tips on dating Russian women.