How NOT to Creep Out Anastasia com Ladies

There’s a fine line between being creepy and being interested in a drop-dead gorgeous European woman. When you’re on Anastasia com, you’d want to avoid being labeled as the “creepy guy” because that’s like the opposite of what you want to happen when you online date. Instead of impressing lovely ladies, you’re scaring them away.

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Anastasia com Comparison: Cool Vs Creepy

Like what was said earlier, the problem with putting your best foot forward, sometimes, is your enthusiasm. You become too excited to impress an Anastasia com lady that you don’t notice that you’re scoring high on the creepiness meter. Here’s a list of quick comparisons that tell you what’s cool and what’s creepy when online dating:

Sharing Just Enough VS Over-sharing

It’s fun to chit-chat with the ladies on Anastasia com. But, some men get too excited and share a lot of their life’s details. There’s nothing wrong with that, but too many details can be too much too soon.

Chatting Normally VS Staring at the Monitor

We get it, Anastasia com women are lovely. However, when you video chat, try not to stare at her for a long time without blinking. That’s downright creepy. Don’t be too obvious, just chat like how you normally would.

Steady Emotions VS the Lack of Emotions

Cool, calm and collected – the three Cs. This is the way to go when talking or interacting with ladies on Anastasia com. Women on the site like men who have the three Cs. They don’t like men who are emotionless – no facial expression when video chatting, sending plain messages, and boring on the phone.

Asking the Right Questions VS Asking the Wrong Ones

Last, but not the least – the types of questions you ask can also label you as a regular Joe or someone who needs to be avoided at all cost. The right questions cover the basics – a person’s background, interests, hobbies, etc. The wrong questions include inquiries that ask information that you have no business knowing.

Avoid being creepy, gentlemen. Make it a point to put your best forward without being too excited. Think like James Bond when you talk to ladies on Anastasia com. He is the perfect man that has the three Cs we mentioned earlier. If you found this helpful, share it on Facebook! Don’t forget to visit our blog for more posts on love.