Stop Future Tripping If You Don’t Want To Ruin Your New Relationship

You have probably never heard of future tripping as you are meeting new people online and offline. Yes, it’s something new, but it is something that you should not be doing, especially if you are in a new relationship. You have to stop future tripping or avoid it so you won’t ruin things even before they get a head start.

Stop Future Tripping If You Don't Want To Ruin Your New Relationship | Anastasia Date

Stop Future Tripping To Save Your New Relationship

Future tripping is just as the name suggests. It’s like daydreaming, only you are visiting the future inside your head. Imagine this, you’re with someone new and you are totally head-over-heels for the person. Instead of focusing on what’s happening now, you focus too much on what might happen in the future. It may sound harmless, but it affects new relationships in the following ways:

1. Everything Has To Be Aligned

If you’re too focused on the future, you are going to do everything you can to stick to it. For example, if you imagine that your future has to have two kids, you’re going to do everything you can to achieve this. How about if your partner doesn’t want to have kids yet?

2. You’re Creating Unnecessary Pressure

Your new partner may not like all that you have planned. If he or she resists your plans or acts in the way that’s not aligned to what you have in your head, it’s going to be messy. Imagine how much pressure your partner will be on because you are already expecting too much.

3. You’re Not Giving Your New Relationship The Best Chance

With all this stress and unnecessary pressure involved, you’re ruining your relationship from the inside. New relationships are supposed to be filled with passion. It’s supposed to be the time when you need to build your foundation.

Stop Future Tripping Today

You totally have to get out of your head so you can focus on the now. The future is important, but you have to focus on the present to build a wonderful, yet realistic, future for you and your partner. For more reviews, read other posts on the blog.