Shopping For The Perfect Partner Is Like Shopping For The Perfect Suit

Finding the perfect partner is every living person’s goal in life, no matter how wealthy, successful or famous they may be. In many ways, this search is like looking for the perfect suit, and that’s why it’s convenient to call it shopping. Does it sound like an absurd idea? Let us explain.

A perfect partner is something you need to look for actively.
How similar is finding the perfect partner to finding the perfect suit?

The Perfect Partner Should Be A Great Fit

We know you might think we’ve lost our minds to draw such parallels, but you will be surprised at how similar looking for your S.O. is to searching for a perfectly fitting suit. This is how.

Some Love Shopping Around, Others Hate It

Just like shopping, not everyone is a fan of dating. Some people can spend days on end wandering in malls and retail shops, while others would rather die than spend more than 5 minutes in a shop. Likewise, some people are mad about dating, skillfully handling every situation, while others shudder to think about going on romantic dates.

You Hardly Ever Find The Perfect Fit Immediately

No matter how eager and determined one may be to find the ideal suit, it is a very rare occasion for the first suit they try on to be the one that fits them perfectly. Similarly, it is not usual for two soul mates to find each other with the very first date they go to. This is how so many fairy tales talk about princesses kissing frogs (it’s also the other way around, of course).

When It Doesn’t Fit Well, You Can’t Stand It

Like an ill-fitting suit, an ill-fitting partner is hard to endure. Even though you may wear the suit for a while (or date the wrong partner for some time), something will just not feel right, and when you come across the right fit, you will recognize it.

But When It Does Fit Well, You Will Never Want To Let Go

Even though you’ll probably need to wear a number of suits to find the one that feels just right, and you will date a number of wrong people until you find the right one for you, when that time comes, it feels easy and right.

And when you find that perfect suit or that perfect partner, you will want everyone to know it, you will feel proud of yourself, you will be comfortable and happy, and you’ll never want to part ways with them.