Online Dating Myths (And The Truth Behind Them)

Online dating has been around for several decades and so many couples have found love in the cyber space, but it still rises many questions for some people. So today we’ve decided to take a look at what the most common online dating myths are and what is the truth behind them. Let’s take a look.

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Finally Debunking All Of The Biggest Online Dating Myths

1. Everybody lies in their profile.

This is something we all hear over and over again – that everyone who gets involved in online dating is lying on their profile. They are said to upload misleading profile photos, said to exaggerate their accomplishments and best qualities and make no mention of their worst ones. We realize that it is inevitable that some folks are not honest, but it is an unfair generalization to say that everyone is lying. The vast majority of people are sincere in their intentions and are looking to establish a true connection, the same as you, so they understand the importance of being honest.

2. Online dating always leads to in-person dating.

People often assume that online dating is just a way to get to in-person dating. That is something that must happen sooner or later, right? Actually, a lot of people are interested in keeping things online. A lot of people draw real pleasure from being able to write long romantic letters online, sending their date presents and having late night video chats. For a lot of couples, dating online is enough to have a rich dating experience.

3. People only turn to online dating because they can’t hack it in real life.

This is a truly unfortunate misconception about dating online. Things have changed a little bit from the time when online daters were thought of as losers with no life, but this myth still sticks around. What some people don’t realize is that there are plenty of upsides in dating online. For example, it offers a much wider dating pool, you can get a lot of information about someone from their profile, you get to chat with several ladies at once. Looking at all the positive sides, it is obvious that dating online is worth the time investment.

4. Online daters only care about looks.

It is possible that this stereotype applies to some people and equally online and offline. There are folks who are interested in short-term relationships and are superficial in their approach to finding it. Most people, still, are much more interested in establishing a long-term relationship with someone and personality is key when evaluating potential matches.

Luckily, with time we see the importance of these myths fading away and more people take the step towards trying to find their true love – through dating online.