How To Tell If a European Woman’s Profile is Fake

Anyone can make an online dating profile, and there are thousands of them out there, all designed to catch the attention of an innocent person. Unfortunately, there are many people pretending to be a, for example, European woman who are looking to scam someone interested in finding a European girlfriend. If you want to be safe in online dating, you need to do research before signing up anywhere. Today, we will provide you with the knowledge of different red flags you need to be aware of.

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When You Need To Steer Clear Of That “European Woman”

1. Is a Profile Too Good to Be True?

If you come across a European woman’s profile that states she (or “she”!) is a lawyer and just happens to have a gorgeous body, face and a completely perfect life altogether, then something is most likely wrong here. While we admit that there are exceptions, but if you think about it – how many perfect human beings really exist? Not too many. If something seems suspicious to you, trust your gut and leave the situation.

2. Does it Seem Familiar?

If you have done the smart thing and signed up to more than just one website, then you may notice some profiles that seem far too familiar. It can be that the picture matches but the name and story don’t. Or that everything matches word to word. When you sign up to several sites, you won’t just copy/paste all the text. Use Google to search and see if there is something you should be worried about. Again, if you find anything suspicious – move on right away.

3. Unrealistic Body Proportions?

That can sound a bit amusing, but if you are looking to date Russian women, for example, and they all have dark skin yet blue eyes, then there is something off. Or if you want to date Italian women, and the profiles are all about women who have blond hair and green eyes. Get into the habit of looking at a lot of profiles and seeing if the ladies match the general looks of women located in that particular area.

4. Do Pictures Look Outdated?

Lying about age in online dating is just about the most common thing that can happen. However, people always expect the person’s age to match their picture. When someone uses photos that seem too out of date, then there may be something wrong here. If this person still interests you, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to write to them and ask for more recent pictures. If you don’t receive any, then something is off again.

One Last Tip Of Advice

One of the best ways to make sure you are safe in online dating is when you verify the identity of the person you are interested in. If you use the tips we provided when you are checking out a European woman’s profile; then it will give you enough protection to online date without getting scammed.