The Number One Reason Relationships Fall Apart Is Actually Easily Solvable

Two people may love each other dearly, they may share common goals, make joint dreams for the future, either have a family or plan on having one, be happy with each other – but there is one thing that’s never missing. Arguments. There are two types of arguments: the ones that help a couple move on and find common ground, and the ones that make relationships fall apart.

This is why relationships fall apart today.
Who’s the number one culprit for relationships not working out?

What A Shame Most Relationships Fall Apart Over This

According to a survey of 5000 people, conducted by U.K. couples counseling centers Relate, Relationships Scotland, and Marriage Care, there are various reasons why couples call it quits, but the number one culprit is money.

The survey titled “The Way We Are Now – The state of the UK’s relationships” showed that the prime stressor in couples is financial issues, with 26% of those questioned accusing “the bacon” for their relationship woes.

In a press release, marriage Care Counsellor and Director of Client Services Jenny Porter explained: “Usually when couples argue over money, it is because both individuals have very different spending habits. For example, one person may be more risk-averse and want to put more money away for retirement, while the other person may be more focused on spending for today. Although many couples find it awkward to talk about finances, it is essential to talk things through together to ensure both partners are on the same wavelength and to prevent problems from escalating.”

Resolving Money-Related Arguments

What this means is that the reason why many relationships fall apart is one that could be avoided if only both partners took the time to discuss things. If both partners laid their opinions on the table, it is possible that a golden mean could be found, where both parties compromised to some extent.

If you can’t handle a joint account, maybe the wisest move is to have 3 different accounts: yours, hers, and of the household. Keeping separate accounts will help you maintain your financial independence and it will limit arguments about money once a plan is made on how to handle bills and other home expenses.

Other Argument Culprits

For the record, the other reasons why relationships fall apart included: not understanding each other (20%), low libido/ differing sex drives (19%), lack of work life balance (17%) and different interests (16%).

In a nutshell, there will always be arguments, even among the best of us. Good communication and not laying blame on each other can help us live a more harmonious and happy life together.