Do You Need That Relationship Spark To Make It?

When we go out on a date, we always look for that relationship spark. It is a positive feeling that we get when we find an attractive mate. It feels like our interests have been ignited, and what happens is that, usually, all our senses are heightened.

Do You Need That Relationship Spark To Make It | Anastasia Date

The Truth About Maintaining The Relationship Spark

It is popularly believed that there are two kinds of sparks, and these are triggered by two different stimuli.

The first kind of relationship spark is driven by a person’s hormonal reactions due to the physical presence of an attractive mate. It is rather primal and is solely based on our innate need for physical connection and release.

Meanwhile, the other kind is triggered by unconscious signs that we get from the other person. It is like finding a certain smell, sound, or memory that you associate with your date. You do not expect it, but this spark draws you to the other person without you realizing it.

Can You Last Without The Relationship Spark?

But, what happens if the relationship spark fades? Any and every relationship usually starts with the spark. It is the thing that piques our interest in another person and moves us to get to know them better. If there is no spark, we will most likely reject the other person outright.

However, the success of any relationship does not rely on the spark alone. It is still our own criteria for long-term relationships that will determine if we will be successful. And of course, the investment of effort that we put in. The spark is just a physical connection. There is still the compatibility factor that will determine if we are going to make it work spanning many years.

What To Do When The Spark Fades

Just like fire, the spark will die down. The good news is, there are many ways to rekindle that spark. You can go down the memory lane and do the things that you liked doing before. Or, come up with new ideas that you can do together in order to bring the two of you closer.

While the relationship spark encourages or moves us to get to know the other person better, it is best that you understand at the beginning that it is not the best criterion to know if this relationship is for keeps. For other advice on love, read the rest of our blog.