What Happens When A Girl Slowly Disappears From Your Life?

Whether you’ve been in a long-term relationship with someone, or have just spent some time dating, it is never nice to feel like a girl slowly disappears from your life, like a wave receding in the horizon. How do you know for sure a girl slowly fades, and what should you do about it?

What do you do if your girl slowly disappears from your life?

How To Identify When A Girl Slowly Disappears From Your Life

Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure if she is trying to get out of your life or if she is simply in need of some space and alone time. If you’re unsure what the case is, we’re giving you some of the tell-tale signs she’s “slow fading”.

Sign #1. She’s Less Invested

When we know a relationship’s going to last, of when we at least want it to, we invest in it. We discuss our problems and worries, we actively show interest in the other person’s daily news and thoughts and we generally have the kind of behavior that shows our partner we care. A girl who’s decided to step away from your life will not take the time or make an effort to share things with you.

Sign #2. She’ll Take Ages To Reply

Did she use to be a fan of Breezing, answering all your text messages, DMs, and emails seconds after you’d sent them and now seems to take her sweet time to reply? It’s probably because she’s busy organizing her life without you, and trying to (not very subtly) show you that you are not her priority anymore.

Sign #3. She Hardly Ever Makes Plans

If she can never commit to a plan, let alone make any suggestions for a night out, it may not be because she’s too snowed under with work or too tired, but rather because your girl has decided to make a slow exit from your life.

Sign #4. You Feel It In Your Gut

The ultimate sign telling you that your girl slowly disappears from your life is what you can feel it in your gut. Our own gut feeling is not to be ignored because, despite what anyone says, it is ultimately you who knows when she has changed her attitude towards you.

What Do You Do When You Realize Your Girl Slowly Disappears From Your Life?

There are two ways to address this situation. One is to confront her when she least expects it, asking her if she is too weak to have an honest discussion about it with you. If you have no hopes of making things work, the second approach is to be the one to end things in a way that is honest and brave, showing her that dignity should be a part of any relationship, from beginning to end.

Whichever way you choose to act, remind yourself that you deserve someone who is at least as interested and invested in your relationship as you; and that the old cliché holds true: there are plenty more fish in the sea.