To Finally Learn How To Read People You Must Know This

Every day, we come into contact with so many people, from the moment we wake up in the morning to when our heads touch the pillow at night. Sometimes our encounters even continue in our dreams. You would think that we’d be experts at figuring out their behavior by now. Why are we not? Maybe because if we are to read people, we need to look out for certain things.

Read people using these methods.
Learning how to read people takes time and practice.

This Is How To Read People Successfully

We are all mysterious creatures, made up of the brightest light and the darkest materials all at once. Reading each other is a hard thing to do, don’t feel bad if you’ve been wrong before, who hasn’t misjudged a partner? Luckily, there are ways to improve your skills. Here are the most effective ones.

#1. Body Language

The non-verbal ways of communication are the hardest ones to control. This is why they can often be a lot more revealing than spoken language. Does she lean towards you when you speak? Does she keep her arms folded, as if to guard herself? Does she stand near you? Do the tips of her feet point towards you or away? All these signs of body language can be priceless providers of information. Start reading about body language, and use your knowledge to draw conclusions next time you see her.

#2. Paralanguage

Paralanguage refers to the non-lexical part of spoken communication. For example, it may refer to one’s intonation, pitch, speed of speaking, hesitation noises, gestures, and facial expressions. These components of communication can be priceless providers of clues. For instance, a timid girl will talk in a low-pitch voice, a stressful person will usually speak at a high speed, someone who’s shy will not look you in the eyes, as will someone who will be lying. When you are in the company of someone you’d like to read, try to separate the words from the paralanguage of a person. Sometimes, as you read people you will find that the two will be at odds.

#3. Appearance

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and while it holds true for the most part, there are some things you can understand by the way a girl dresses,  how much makeup she wears and how much attention she has paid to her appearance. A simple kind of girl may dislike make-up and fancy clothes, while someone who works as a hostess will pay extra attention to her looks. A lawyer will rarely wear a mini skirt at work, while a barwoman will frequently wear revealing clothes. The way we want others to see us speaks volumes about our confidence and introversion too.

#4. Their Environment

If we have access to someone’s environment, we can tell a lot about someone from the way they decorate their house or office, even their car, or how they keep them. A neat person will like to be in control of things, you will be able to see some aspects of their character by the impeccable way they keep their environment. A sloppy person may be someone who is too busy to pay attention to their house. A romantic girl will have flowers on vases or a kind of romantic decoration. An edgy person may have adopt an edgy style for their environment too.

#5. How They Are Around Others

Even if you know nothing about a girl, you can draw some conclusions about her by the way she interacts with those surrounding her. For example, a lady you see across the room may be the epicenter of her friends’ attention, which is a clear sign she is sociable and popular, or she may be silently following a conversation, which will show she is attentive and more introverted.

Mastering the way to read people is, ultimately, a matter of practice and close observation. The more time and attention you give yourself, the safer your conclusions. If you learn how to do it right, you won’t believe how much it will improve your relationships with others, even saving you from the wrong people.