Is Your Date The Wrong Person For You?

While we are on our quest of finding true love, we have to be careful of the people we let into our lives. If your judgment isn’t quite right, or if you don’t practice awareness while dating, you may be seeing the wrong person for you. You don’t want this to happen.

Is Your Date The Wrong Person For You? | Anastasia Date

Nothing Will Flow Naturally When Dating The Wrong Person For You

One of the markings of a good relationship is ease and the feeling of comfort. When things are right, everything just flows naturally. When you are dating the wrong person for you, it’s not going to feel easy and natural. That’s the first sign. You should also watch out for the following:

You notice yourself changing.

Change is good, but when the change you see in yourself is more negative, then it may be time to re-asses your situation. Have you become a person that you no longer know? Have you done things that you promised yourself you’ll never do, like nagging?

You keep fighting if you’re dating the wrong person for you.

Whether it is differences in opinion or differences in likes, you always argue about something. Whether the issue is big or little, you always have something to fight about. There’s no peace in your relationship. There might be for a couple of days, but eventually, things will fall apart again.

You feel embarrassed to be with the person.

Whenever you’re out, you feel like the person you’re dating will embarrass you one way or another. Most likely, your reason will be because he or she has done it in the past. For example, argue loudly at restaurants, or talking down on you while at the cinema or some other public place.

When you are dating the wrong person for you, be honest with yourself and admit it. The problem comes when you don’t acknowledge the signs you see. You may be scared to be alone, but remember that it is better than being in a toxic and controlling relationship. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.