As you get to know the new people you meet, you will need to decide if their bad side is something that you can live with. For example, if your partner has a superiority complex, will you be patient enough to support him or her until they grow out of it?

Signs Your Date May Have Superiority Complex | Anastasia Date

The Superiority Complex Comes From Feeling Inadequate

When a person has a superiority complex, he or she will act better than everyone else. This person may even target one individual to be particularly cruel to. Experts say that this complex comes from a person’s own feelings of inadequacy. You’re going to make sure that everyone will know that you are enough even though you feel otherwise. So, how can you spot this complex in your date?

Always Asks For Validation

Does your date always fish for compliments? He or she want to confirm that they are desirable or valuable in your eyes. It’s alright to receive validation when it is freely given, but you’ll definitely notice if your date is forcing you to give out compliments.

Controls Everything

It’s a bit awkward to go on a date with a person who has a superiority complex. He or she is always trying to control everything. If things don’t go the way this person planned, he or she is going to complain (a lot). You might feel uncomfortable or awkward being with a person who is full of negativity.

Someone With A Superiority Complex Is Entitled

Everything has to be given to this person on a silver platter. Although people with the mentioned complex have not worked hard for something, they still feel entitled to it. Because they are superior, these people may feel like they can have anything they want.

If you determine that your partner does have a superiority complex, don’t think that they are automatically a bad person. It just means that they need to work harder and be willing to make internal changes. For more updates on dating, read other posts on the blog.