Stop Worrying, This Is What You Must Do Instead

No one is exempted from being worried about something. Whether it is worrying about meeting new people, our family, our health, or our career, we all do it. We worry because we feel like we don’t know what’s going to happen. We should stop worrying even though we feel like we will most likely fail or get rejected.

Stop Worrying, This Is What You Must Do Instead | Anastasia Date

Stop Worrying Because It Can Lead To Rumination

Rumination is simply worrying persistently and repetitively. If you are guilty of this, you’re not only causing yourself to stress out. You are also affecting your relationships, romantic or not, in a negative way. A study concluded that people who experience rumination often reach out to their support system. However, instead of feeling supported, this is what end up happening:

1. Increased Friction Within A Relationship

The tendency is for you to pour everything out on the person or people you’re close to. However, when they tell you something that you do not want to hear, you’ll feel like they don’t understand you and your situation at all. You may feel even more down or even angry. You’re basically causing unnecessary friction.

2. Your Significant Others Offer Little To No Emotional Support

You will likely feel like your support system is not fulfilling its purpose. Can you blame them? They’re tired of hearing you complain about the same problem over and over again when you don’t even act on it. They’re expecting you to update them about the progress you’ve had with your problem. If they’re still going to hear you complaining, they’ll grow tired of the whole thing.

Stop Worrying And Do Something

Instead of ruminating, the best way to get over what you are worried about is to do actual problem-solving. You may be worried about failing but change your perspective. If you fail, it won’t be the end of the world. Whatever it is, remember that worrying is only in your mind. Your negative thoughts won’t get you anywhere. It’s better to step out of your head and actually be proactive. For more tips or dating posts, read the rest of the blog.