Common Dating Fantasies Distracting You From Finding Real Love

As we are dating, we already have this preconceived idea of what our future relationship is going to be like. We also have this fantasy of how we are going to meet the love of our life. It’s harmless to daydream about these things every now and then, but when you do too much daydreaming, you might believe that your dating fantasies will become a reality.

Common Dating Fantasies Distracting You From Finding Real Love | Anastasia Date

Jump Back To Reality By Rejecting These Dating Fantasies

We should approach dating from a realistic perspective. If we go into it with all of the dating fantasies, we might be let down because the reality won’t be in sync with the fantasy. So, what common daydreams do we have?

1. Instant Connection

There are cases where two people make a connection instantly but it’s a bit rare. From the get-go, you should never expect for you and your future partner to have an instant connection. In most cases, it takes a few more dates, a few more talks, and a few more dinners together. Do not lose hope when it doesn’t work out for you and your potential mate during your first date.

2. Perfect Match

You know exactly what your perfect mate will be like, right? Well, you’re never going to meet him or her. There might cases where most of the traits you would like you will find in a person, but he or she will never have 100% of the traits on your list.

3. A Ghost Reappearing

In case you did not know what a ghost was, it’s a person who suddenly disappeared. You thought that you had a connection, but the person just dropped you like a hot potato. Don’t expect this person to reappear. In rare cases, they do, but commonly they don’t. When you got ghosted, don’t leave yourself hanging by holding on the the thought of the person reappearing and apologizing.

Deal With Your Own Dating Fantasies

It might be hard for you to grasp reality, but you should because it’s going to help you find true love. You’ll also be less likely to be disappointed because you are grounded to the idea of what it takes to be in a serious relationship. You’ll also have a better perspective of your partner, allowing you to accept him or her as a person. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.