Best Valentines Day Tips You Should Be Writing Down

Do you know what your significant other wants for Valentines Day? If you’re reading this now, you probably don’t. Valentines will be here soon, so it’s best for you to read up on some Valentines Day tips and plan something right away. That’s the problem, though, isn’t it? How do you plan a nice Valentines Day date or buy the perfect gift for the day when you don’t know where to start?

Best Valentines Day Tips You Should Be Writing Down | Anastasia Date
She’ll have the best Valentines Day if you apply these tips.

Don’t Panic And Follow These Valentines Day Tips

Don’t worry; we got you. We’ve compiled the best Valentines day tips to help guide you in making the right decisions for dates and gifts:

Tip #1: Don’t Ask, Just Listen

You might be tempted to ask your partner what she wants for Valentines Day. Stop yourself from doing this. Asking what a person wants for Valentines Day is a romance-killer. Gifts or dates are supposed to be a surprise. Yes, we know that it’s hard to read a woman sometimes, but instead of reading or guessing what she wants, why don’t you listen? She will drop hints here and there about what she wants.

Tip #2: Avoid Cliche Gifts

You were probably thinking of getting a teddy bear hugging a heart because you couldn’t think of anything. Well, a stuffed animal would make a sweet gift if your girlfriend hasn’t received this gift from you yet. But, if she has five already, a stuffed animal is just a cliche gift that you should avoid giving.

Tip #3: Look Beyond Material Things

When you really think about it, Valentines Day is not about giving gifts. If you don’t have the budget for fancy gifts, but would like to avoid purchasing the cliche ones, just cook her dinner at home. You can also give her a foot massage or a back rub.

Tip #4: Flowers Are Good, But Make Sure They’re Not The Usual

Flowers are a common gift during Valentines, but they are far from cliche if you get the right flowers. Roses are a classic, but try something different. We made a guide for picking flowers for Valentines. You can read it if you have no idea what types of flowers to get.

Tip #5: Get Creative, Don’t Limit Yourself

There is so much you can do so don’t limit yourself to just the usual date ideas and gifts. You can go on a day-trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. You can book your loved one a day of pampering, or you can book her an appointment to get her hair done.

Are these Valentines Day tips enough to get you ready for the best Valentines ever? You’ll have plenty of time to get creative, order flowers or book your loved one a spa or beauty day. For more online dating and relationship tips, feel free to check out more of our posts on the blog.