This Is How You’re

Attracting Unavailable Partners

Sometimes you wonder about your dating life. Why does it seem so complicated? For example, you just want to go out and have fun. You try to put your best self forward, be natural, and still, you seem to be attracting unavailable partners.

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What You’re Doing To Attract Unavailable Partners

Unavailable partners are those people who are not ready to be in a relationship at all. They are either dating online or offline just so they can pass the time or so they can amuse themselves. So, what are you doing wrong to attract these dates?

1. You’re making yourself too available.

Do you always jump at the chance to meet your date? Of course, you would if you really like the person. The problem with this is that you’re making yourself too available. You drop plans, you cancel with friends or family, at the snap of your date’s finger. The rule is for you to spend time with the person, but don’t forget about your life.

2. It is OK to show that you care.

We have been taught to be “chill” or “nonchalant” when we meet someone new. This is to show that we are not too interested in the other person – playing hard-to-get. If you care about a person and the feelings are mutual, there is no reason to withhold it. While it’s true that there can be too much care, denying that you care for someone is not going to help.

3. Waiting for your date to call you.

This is crazy. We live in a modern world. If you want to see the person that you are interested in, say so. The waiting rule no longer applies in this modern world. If you wait, your date might think that he or she isn’t that interesting to you after all.

4. Being ambiguous

The purpose of ambiguity is to mislead or to try to catch the other person if he or she is really interested in you. However, this method can backfire. There is nothing like honesty and sincerity at the onset of dating for a strong and solid relationship.

If you stop these misleading actions based on outdated dating rules, you will have a more natural and honest dating environment. There will be no more deceitful exchanges that intend to manipulate innocent parties and lead to unavailable partners. For more dating tips, make sure to check out other posts on the blog.