Anastasia – International:  What Happens When You Put Love In Numbers

Can we put love into numbers? Anastasia – international explores this idea today.

A formula is defined as a mathematical rule that is expressed in numbers or symbols. Math-geeks find formulas easy to figure out because they’re just numbers. Numbers are constant – five is five and six is six. The result is predictable.

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However, let’s think about this. How about if we make use of a formula that tells us how to have a lasting relationship with a Russian woman? Is that possible?

Anastasia – International’s Formula for Love

You’re thinking that human emotion can’t possibly be calculated because it is too unpredictable. And, you’re right. It doesn’t mean, however, math or formulas is out of the picture. Math is not just about numbers but also patterns. Let’s take a look at these patterns under specific categories.

Online Dating Pattern

It is a fact that there are plenty of Russian ladies online on Anastasia – International. To be successful in meeting and dating these ladies online, you have to spot a pattern in the men they say they want to meet. They key is to filter out the ladies who actually want to meet someone with your personality.

Now, how can you filter thousands of Russian ladies profiles? Use the advanced search function of the dating site you’re in. When you finally find the ladies who want to meet someone like you, they will be more likely to message back because you’re the kind of guy they’re looking for.

A Pattern in Finding Love or Dating

If you’re reading this Anastasia – International post, chances are, you haven’t had much luck with Russian ladies online and offline. There has to be a pattern there. Think about the Russian women you’ve already dated. Do they have something in common? Surely, they must have. Think about what’s similar about them and then head the other direction.

Heading the other direction means that maybe you should change from this type to that type of Russian woman. It may be the key to finding a Russian lady who is serious about being in a relationship with you.

Look for More Patterns

It’s strange to say that one can apply math in love and dating, but the points discussed above are valid. So what other patterns can you see with your dating? For more fun posts about love and dating, visit Anastasia – International’s blog.