Anastasia Dating: How NOT to Use a Mobile Dating App

Anastasia Date Tip: How not to use a dating app

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Mobile dating apps are everywhere these days (you’ve probably even come across one if you are paying attention to Anastasia Dating). Many refer to them as swipe-apps because you either swipe left or swipe right on users’ profiles. Because of the popularity and, most of the time, the anonymity that comes with newer dating apps, the sad thing is that people abuse the power that has been granted to them by the dating gods. Instead of using these apps to meet people, gain friends, or go on dates, users misuse these mobile apps and do other things.

Anastasia Dating: How NOT To Use Mobile Dating Apps

Have you ever used one of those swipe left, swipe right apps before? As mentioned, they’ve become part of popular culture and have been the main topic in many dating sites this year. Unfortunately, despite the user-friendly and useful features of the dating apps, undesirable things are sometimes mentioned because of the following:

Nude photos everywhere!

Here’s what’s interesting with these newer apps: there are plenty of people who send unsolicited nude photos to other users. Let’s put an emphasis on the word “unsolicited”. A study has discovered that 7 out of 10 women receive inappropriate messages and pictures every time they log into their date app account.

Anastasia Dating Suggestion: Don’t even think about sending unsolicited nude pictures to another internet user. Under no circumstance are you allowed to send nude photos on the Internet.

Lies on top of more lies.

It has already been easy to lie with online dating because you can just put anything on your profile. With online dating apps, it is has been even easier. Not a lot of thought goes into online dating profile. Most apps just need you to upload a photo and then put in a few words on your dating profile.

Anastasia Date: Final Thoughts on Mobile Dating DONTs

Basically, all that you need to remember when using mobile dating apps is to be a gentleman. Do not buy into the hype of lies and unsolicited photos are inappropriate. You cannot find a serious date this way and you’ll most likely get banned from using the app.

If you are interested in checking out a reliable app for online dating, you can check the Anastasia Date app which is available on Google Play and the App Store. As for more tips and dating advice, go to this blog.