How to Use the AnastasiaDate Search Function to Find Your Match

When you have an Anastasia Date account, and you’ve already set it up, you can then start looking for matches on the website. You can click on various profiles you see at the top or the side of the site. However, these profiles are merely suggestions generated by the website – they appear randomly and are not based on descriptions you entered on your profile.

For fine-tuning your search for matches, there’s one function that you can make use of, and its name is precisely that: SEARCH.

Where to find the AnastasiaDate Search Function?

AnastasiaDateAs soon as you log in to your AnastasiaDate account, you’ll be directed to your main screen which is called Home. You’ll the AnastasiaDate search function just above the main screen. You’ll find it next to the “My Account” button.

How Does the AnastasiaDate Search Work?

The AnastasiaDate Search function is just like any other Search feature out on the internet. Its job is to look for things that you need it to look for. That would be the simplest definition of how a search function works.

How to Use the AnastasiaDate Search to Find Matches?

It’s very easy to use the AnastasiaDate Search feature to find a lady who can catch your interest. All you have to do is to fill in certain parameters to get more targeted results:
Basic Search


Under this parameter, you can enter an age range. So there are two blanks labeled “From” and “to” that you can enter the age. Entering numbers in both blanks allow you to get results according to ladies’ age.


When you click on All Countries, a drop down menu will appear containing all of the states women in Anastasia Date live. Some top searches include Serbia, Greece, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. Scan the list and click on the country you would like a lady to be from. If you chose Russia, then the results will give you ladies from Russia.


This parameter requires you to enter a certain interest. There is no dropdown menu, so all you have to do is type in an interest like singing, swimming, family, outdoors, and the like. These keywords will help AnastasiaDate show profiles of ladies who have the interest you entered. You can enter as many keywords or interests as you like.

Only Show Members

There are two boxes labeled “Online” and “With Videos”. Checking the respective boxes will by clicking on them will influence the results you get. For example, if you click on “Online”, the results will show you ladies who are online. If you click on “With Videos”, the result will show ladies who have videos on their profile.

Members ID

If you happen to remember the exact ID of a lady’s profile, then you can enter it here, and the search function will show you exactly that profile.

Advanced Search


To enter you height preference, all you have to do is click on the drop down arrows that are in the respective boxes. Just like with Age, the value that you’re going to enter is going to be a range. If you enter from [5’2”] to [5’4”], you’ll get profiles from ladies who are of that height range.

Body Type

With body type, you can choose slim, average, a few extra pounds or doesn’t matter if you don’t have a preference for body type.

Hair Color

Up next is hair color which is very self-explanatory. You can choose from black, blond, brown, fair, chestnut and red.

Eye Color

The eye color preference is pretty much like Hair Color. Click on the drop-down arrow and choose from blue, brown, green, gray and hazel.


Social is basically about social habits. You have to answer YES or NO under Smoking and Drinking. If you’d like to part with your lady, then you can choose YES under Drinking. If you think that smoking is unattractive, you can choose NO under Smoking.


Under Place, there are different cities listed. These cities are not just in Europe so you can widen your search and maybe find ladies that are in the same city as you.


The last parameter under the Advanced Search is Other, which chooses English Speaking Skills, Children, and Your Age.

English Speaking Skills

You have a couple of choices for this: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Fluent. You can choose your preference on this so you won’t have a hard time with the language barrier. It’s important to know, however, that most ladies on Anastasia Date are from Eastern Europe. There are ladies who speak English fluently, but there are some who are beginners.


You have various choices under this parameter. You have the simple NO, and you have yes but with children’s ages next to the Yes. Simply pick an answer to show results of ladies with or without kids.

Your Age

Last, but not the least of the sub-parameters is your age. Entering your age fine-tunes the results even further and is used for accuracy.

Combining all of these parameters will give you the right results. You don’t have to take a look at each lady’s profile and read their description. It’ll be like the website narrowing down your list of ladies to contact, so it’s an advantage to using the AnastasiaDate search function.

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