This Is What Women In Their 20s Look For In A Guy

When you think about beautiful girls who are in their 20s, you may paint a picture of young ladies partying. Usually, when you are twenty years of age, you don’t take life too seriously. You don’t know yourself fully yet, so you go through life making trial-and-error decisions. These assumptions may mostly be accurate but what about what women in their 20s want in a relationship?

This Is What Women In Their 20s Look For In A Guy | Anastasia Date

Unexpected Things Women In Their 20s Want When It Comes To Love

It may be true that women in their 20s want to discover what life has to offer. Fun is still a top priority according to a study done by a popular site. However, when it comes to relationships, there are a few things that were unexpected in the results.

Years of data were analyzed to find out specific traits or characteristics women in their 20s want in guys or in relationships. The following were a bot of a surprise:

Family Guy

Yes, young ladies are looking for a guy who is family-oriented. Whether they are ready to settle down or not, it’s evident that there are plenty of good traits linked to a guy who’s close to his family. Responsible is one of them.

Funny And Smart

Of course, humor is important. But, it’s a top priority with women who are in their 20s. If you can make her laugh with your smart and witty remarks, then you are definitely in.


Honesty is always the best policy, no matter how cliche it sounds. Young ladies want someone who is sincere and upfront, especially about matters of the heart.

Animal Lover

Just like being family-oriented, a man who is an animal lover isn’t just seen as someone who loves animals. He can also be kind, passionate, caring, and loving.

What makes these traits surprising is the fact that they are not focused on looks. You would think that a twenty-year-old would only be after guys for superficial reasons. However, the data proves otherwise. Many ladies who are in their 20s are also looking for someone real and reliable.

So this tells you one very important thing. Don’t be afraid to approach girls who are in their 20s when you are dating online. Don’t mind age too much because, essentially, we are all looking for real love. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.