Why Russian Ladies Want You To Make The First Move?

It is the dawn of a new age where Russian ladies aren’t shy to make the first move, ask a guy out, or be straightforward with how they feel about a person. Despite this shift, there are still Russian women out there who are waiting for you to make the first move.

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Reasons Russian Ladies Want You To Take The Lead

Understanding why some women in Russia are still traditional in their thinking could be the push you need when you’re the shy type yourself. Here’s a list of reasons why you need to push your shyness aside in dating Russian ladies:

1. They’re used to letting the man do the work.

In Russia, it’s no secret that gender roles are still pretty much alive. The common notion is that the men have to take the lead in most things (except cooking, of course). So, when you’re dealing with Russian ladies who are used to this, they won’t initiate anything with you because you’re the man and you’re supposed to do it on your own.

2. Russian ladies want to see if you can step up to the plate.

When finding a match either through online dating or dating in real life, Russian ladies want to meet someone who is confident and sure of himself. If you want a relationship, but are too afraid to ask makes you look like you’re not confident at all. A woman from Russia will, then, question if you can even handle her in a relationship. That won’t sit well with her.

3. They like the thrill of the chase!

Have you ever come across blogs that say a Russian female will “test” you to see how far you can go in a relationship? Well, it’s mostly true, and it could be happening to you right now. It’s a way of proving yourself, really. The more you chase, the more the Russian lady knows that you’re into her.

The bottom line for this post is simple. It’s time for you to drop all the “what-ifs” in your mind, and just make the first move. There’s a slight chance that you’ll get rejected, but if you show a more confident you, you’ll have yourself a Russian girlfriend quicker. Share this post if you found it helpful, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog.