Ways to Know if You Are Being Safe when Online Dating

There are far too many ways to have your heart broken. A sure way is when you spend money on someone that you were madly in love with and who turned out to be a scammer. That is a tough thing to get past. But you can learn how to have a safe online dating experience.

Safety is of particular importance when you are engaging in online dating. Make sure you take a good look at the list we have provided and determine if you are safe with your online dating or are in fact somehow endangering yourself. Here is a list of 7 things that will tell you if you are protected.

To Be Safe When You Are Online Dating You Have To Do This

1. Your online date does not ask for money.

One of the biggest red flags in online dating is having someone ask you for money. If money becomes a regular topic in the form of her not having enough – it’s a bad idea. She, if she is indeed a she, is not being sincere. If you can focus on getting to know each other, then you are on the right path.

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2. You’re not giving away money.

Asking and giving are naturally two entirely different things. It is still very unhealthy to be sending anyone money online even if they didn’t directly ask for it. It is possible that they have played on your emotions by telling you sad stories, and you want to be a good person. So you send them money. It is very risky business. People should be able to handle their problems on their own.

3. She sends you a photo if you ask for it.

A good way to determine if you are talking to someone who is and also looks like the person they claim is to get a current picture of them. If for some reason she doesn’t want to send you any photos, it is suspicious.

4. You can do Skype calls or other video calls if you want to.

If someone continuously declines your request to do a video call, then there is something going on. If she is okay with it, then you can trust that she is sincere.

5. No mysterious emergencies.

If the person you are talking to keeps disappearing then she might not be truly interested in your person. It could be that she has some ulterior motive. Be careful. If nothing like this is happening then, you are most likely safe.

6. You don’t have a bad feeling.

Instincts can alert you when something is going on so always listen to your gut when online dating. If you have noticed something strange, then figure out what it is. Is there any truth to that?

7. Your friends and family approve.

If your friends and relatives are happy about your relationship with someone online, then it is a clear sign that things are going well. If they keep telling you that something is off – you should listen.