The Story of AnastasiaDate – Top Online Dating Portal

AnastasiaDate is one of the world’s largest international dating sites. It provides services from countries in Eastern Europe. That includes Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, and Russia, as well as Greece, Asia, and Latin America. The company has been operating for about 20 years. It connects men from the United States, Western Europe and other countries with attractive lady members.

The Beginning

In 1993, Elena and David Bsuden, a Russian woman and American man, created AnastasiaDate to help others meet their spouses abroad, according to Wikipedia. They both met and married a year earlier after having used an introduction service. The site was named after the Grand Duchess Anastasia from the early 20th century because many young Russia women revered her as a role model.

Early Years

Elena and David used catalogs to introduce members between 1993 and late 1996 and featuring ladies predominantly from Ukraine and Russia. But it was until the Internet started burgeoning in the mid-nineties. Then the couple saw the opportunity to promote the business online. They developed their first website in 1997 and watched their membership start growing. By 2003, they were servicing Asia, and by 2007, they owned four separate websites. Today, in 2016, AnastasiaDate has four million users and 100 million visitors. And with more than 6,000 success stories, according to the company.

Reasons for Growth

Over the years, the Internet has enabled AnastasiaDate to become one of the world’s largest dating venues. And as technology advanced, the company started increasing the number of services available. Today, men can view their ladies online. They can write letters to them, chat with them as well as speak with their favorite ladies through video conferencing.  Men can also purchase gifts for the women. All of these services have helped make AnastasiaDate one of the best online dating portals available today.