The Most Telling Signs Of A Lasting Relationship

Nobody starts a serious relationship thinking it will fall apart and nobody stays in one unless they believe it has what it takes to stand the test of time. And even though there really are no guarantees when it comes to feelings, there are some key signs that can tell people whether they are in a lasting relationship.

A lasting relationship has these characteristics.

A Lasting Relationship Will Be Characterized By These Things

If you’re not quite sure that your relationship can withstand the long haul, look for these signs.

First of all, a lasting relationship is built on mutual trust. Trust is the cornerstone of any personal relationship, and even more so in a relationship with someone you are planning on spending the rest of your life with. Trust is built gradually, when two people find out that their partner is someone who can keep secrets, have their back when problems arise, and keep their promises no matter what.

The second element of a lasting relationship is desire. A romantic relationship needs to have passion and warmth if it’s meant to last. Passion does not only refer to sex, it is the desire to be physically near each other: to touch, to hold, to stroke, to use any excuse to be close to them.  Desire alone may not be enough to sustain a relationship, but a lack thereof can be enough to break it.

A third crucial element for any relationship that is built to last is lack of selfishness. This is not to say one should be a spineless victim in the presence of his/ her partner. On the contrary, people should be able to voice their opinions and ask for what they deserve. Partners should, however, be brave and mature enough to admit to their mistakes and be willing to correct them.

Another characteristic of a lasting relationship is acceptance. Having a clear idea of what your partner is like, even with his/ her faults and inadequacies, but choosing to accept them as they are is not an easy thing to do. On the contrary, many people are under a fallacy regarding what their partner is really like, or enter a relationship with the aim of changing them, which is a big mistake and a cause for constant misery.

Last, but not least, a lasting relationship is one where both partners have shared life goals. If one of the partners is overly ambitious and eager to put all his energy and efforts into climbing the career ladder while the other is ready to settle down and create a happy family, one of the two partners is doomed to see his dreams shattered. This is when bitterness and resentment rear their ugly head, making the two partners gradually hate each other and eroding the relationship.

If your relationship has the above elements, you’re in luck. People who manage to form such lasting relationships manage to grow as individuals, pursue their dreams and have a life of happiness with their partner.

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