What To Do When Someone Is Soul-Mining You

Throughout your dating life, you probably have not heard about soul-mining before. It’s a relatively new dating term that has been identified from a situation that most of us are all too familiar with. In short, you may not have heard of it, but you have definitely experienced the situation known as soul-mining.

What To Do When Someone Is Soul-Mining You | Anastasia Date

Everything You Must Know About Soul-Mining

Soul-mining is very similar to whirlwind romances where everything progresses very fast. What happens is that you meet someone new. Then, you try to cram months of emotional intimacy into just a few hours of meeting each other. It’s also commonly known as an emotional one night stand because the person who does the soul-mining stops when his or her needs have already been satisfied.

Are You A Victim Of Soul-Mining?

It’s not a situation you would want to find yourself in, but you can’t really tell if a person is soul-mining you until the very end. However, if you did find yourself being soul-mined, here’s what you do:

1. Acceptance

Mos likely, the person who soul-mind you also ghosted you. Because this has happened, you have to jump into the acceptance stage. You can’t linger on what is or what could have been because you can’t turn back time anymore. What you have to do is, first, go through the process of acceptance.

2. Remember That It’s Not About You

It’s likely that you may have thought that you found a keeper. The next hours of you talking or meeting each other were magic, so it’s possible that you though the person may be “the one”. Yes, you’re hurt but it’s important to remember that the person did not disappear because of a flaw that he or she saw in you. The person actually has a flaw within his or herself that needs to be addressed.

3. Learn & Move Forward

One of the main lesson you can learn is that anything that happens too fast too soon is too good to be true. Remember that attraction is instant but real intimacy takes time to develop.

The most important take away is that you have to learn. The next time you meet someone, try to practice your awareness because it’s going to allow you to make better decisions, especially in the realm of love. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.