Signs Your Online Girlfriend Is Not Right For You

When you’re online dating, commonly, your goal is to find someone you can have a serious relationship with, someone who would start as your online girlfriend or boyfriend. That’s why most of us go through all the trouble of optimising our dating profiles, studying the DOs and DONTs of online dating carefully, and uploading pictures that make us look like we’re a pretty good catch.

Signs Your Online Girlfriend Is Not Right For You
Are you dating the right person online?

You Might Need To Find Another Online Girlfriend

But, as we are caught up with doing all of the tasks mentioned above, we might not realise that we’re dating a person who is not right for us. No one wants that, of course, but how would you know if your online girlfriend is the wrong person? These following signs should give you a hint:

Communication Has Always Been One-Sided

Men who make the first move are always rewarded, but if you’re the one who always makes the first move, you have to think twice about the relationship, if you can even label what you have a relationship. If a female is interested in you, she will eventually take the initiative to contact you first. There should be a balance of who’s contacting who first with online relationships.

Hot and Cold

Have you ever felt that your so called online relationship is hot and cold? A lot of women feel that it is necessary for you to go through a “test” to see what your intentions really are. Naturally, a guy would stick around if he really does like the girl, but if it happens more consistently, you have to wonder if “hot and cold” will be a recurring theme in your relationship. That does not sound like something you want to be in, honestly.

Different Values and Beliefs

Studies show that opposites do attract, but that’s more for short-term relationships. When you’re in it for the long haul, you have to have similar values and beliefs in life. If not, the relationship’s going to be turbulent.

It’s Always About Her

Not only are you always making the first move, but you’re also the one who does all the listening. That can’t be very effective in getting to know each other. If your online date is always making it about her even if you shared the good news of your promotion, it’s time to drop her like a hot potato.

She Barely Has Time For You

It’s natural for life to get in the way of our dating, but if your online date is always busy because of work, friends and family, you might not be a priority. Don’t get this sign wrong because our career, friends and, especially, our families are important, but if you’re always taking a back seat, your online date may not be as interested in you as you think.

Have you spotted any of these signs with the person you’re dating now? If the answer is yes, it’s time for you to move on. Remember, the special someone you’re looking for is out there so don’t give up. If you found this post helpful, remember to share it. For more online dating tips, check out more post from our blog.