Should You Date Someone Just To Practice Your Dating Skills?

Practice makes perfect, right? We use this saying in everything we do. Like, if we want to learn or master a particular skill, we say “practice makes perfect”. But, have you ever thought about applying this saying to your dating life? Can you date for the sole purpose of practicing your dating skills?

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Dating Advice On Whether To Go On A Practice Date

First, let’s clearly define what a practice date is. We mentioned that you could practice something over and over again to master it, so maybe you can also apply this concept to dating so you can be a master at wooing women.

A practice date starts out like any other date – you ask someone out, and then you go through the motions of a typical date. But the difference is, you may or may not be interested in the person you’re asking out. You’re just doing it so you can practice your dating skills.

Is It Right?

Let’s blatantly answer this with a NO. Of course, it is unethical and, not to mention, counterproductive. It is unethical because a person who says yes to go on a date with you is potentially interested. Now, if you’re just doing this for practice, you can end up not asking her on a second date or third. That can be disappointing for her.

Next, it’s counterproductive because, for you to hone your dating skills, you’d need constructive feedback. How in the world would your date give you feedback on what you’re doing right or wrong when they don’t even know that you’re only dating them for practice?

Of course, when you do have the courage to let them know that you’re just asking them out for practice, it’s likely that they’re going to say no.

So, How Do You Practice Your Dating Skills?

There are a couple of ways on how you can master the art of dating. First off, go on a “practice” date with one of your friends. Let them know that you need to work on your dating skills, but explain to them that the meeting or session, or whatever you call it, will be purely for practice – nothing romantic.

Second, you can always get dating advice from blogs. You really have to be self-aware when you’re on dates, though, and you have to remember what to avoid and what to do more of based on what the dating blog says.

Of course, there’s always the option of going on several real dates. The more you go on dates, the more comfortable you will be. Just make sure that you’re really interested in the women you ask out.

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