Even if we weren’t 100% aware of it, we’ve all probably been in a situationship as we dated online on this site or offline. What’s a situationship you may ask? It has all the perks of a real relationship, but none of the two people have identified what they are to each other.

Are You In A Relationship? Or, Just A Situationship? | Anastasia Date

Signs That Say You Are In A Situationship

Whether you are a man or a woman, you never want to be in a relationship where nothing has been defined. If you are seriously aiming for commitment, it’s best that you watch out for the signs:

1. Commitment Talks Are Avoided In A Situationship

When it comes to talking about your future together, your partner, if you can call him or her that, avoids the topic. He or she diverts your attention or simply walks away when there are talks about what the future could hold. Even talking about something that requires future commitment, like taking care of a dog, is avoided.

2. Not A Lot Of Fights Take Place

When you are in a situationship, you try to focus on just the positive. It’s all about having a good time. You may have promised each other that there’s never going to be any fighting or jealousy or drama. That’s not possible when you are in a real relationship.

3. Immersion Doesn’t Happen

Immersion into one another’s lives does not happen. Your partner doesn’t hang out with you and your friends together. He or she may have even refused to meet your family. This is something that’s out of the question because it is something that two people in a serious, committed relationship will do.

If you think that you are in a situationship, you have to take the initiative. Talk to the person you’re with. If they say that you’re just friends, or even close friends, then you have to figure out what your next move will be. Consider what you truly want and don’t be afraid to let go of something unhealthy. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.