Your Phone Is Standing Between You And A Second Date

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. These devices are supposed to help us communicate with each other better, but they have become more than just tools for communication. Today, we use our smartphones to manage our time, check emails, connect with friends on social media and so on. We even use these devices to meet people online, go on a first meeting, and, hopefully, a second date right after.

Your Phone Is Standing Between You And A Second Date | Anastasia Date
What does your phone have to do with getting a second date?

Reasons Your Phone Could Be Ruining Your Chances For A Second Date

Everyone knows that when you go on dates, you have to present yourself in the best light. This means that you have to dress appropriately, behave like a gentleman and, this just in, have a better-looking phone. But, what does your phone have to do with going on a first date and then a second date?

A new study found out that women are more likely to judge a partner negatively for having an older phone model. Another result that you may find interesting has something to do with phone compatibility. For example, iPhone users are 21% more likely to get turned off by their partner having an Android phone. Android users, on the other hand, are less judgemental when it comes to what type of phone you have.

It’s not just the kind of smartphone you have because if your smartphone has a cracked screen, 14% of people you date are judging you because of that crack.

Phone Etiquette During Dates Also Play A Big Role

It’s strange to think that the type of the smartphone you own can affect your chances of getting a second date. But that’s not the only thing, here’s how a phone can also play a big role in getting the second one:

  • 75% of the participants of the study said that they would be offended if their partner answered the phone without giving an explanation.
  • 41% even thought that it was rude for their partner to take their phone with them to the restroom.

So are the results telling you that you need to get a new phone and then use it properly when you’re on a first meeting? Probably, but the more important lesson here is that everything counts when you’re trying to make a good first impression, and phones have become a big part of our lives. After the third or fourth date, you can get away with most things because you’ve already established a connection.

For the mean time, make sure that you have all your bases covered. For more dating tips, check out our other posts on the blog.