How Your Personal Assumptions Are Stopping You From Meeting People

Is meeting people hard for you? For most people, it is. They have trouble walking up to a person and just talking. It’s normal since some of us are naturally shy. However, if one wants to overcome this fear of talking or communicating with people, he or she has to let go of his or her personal assumptions.

How Your Personal Assumptions Are Stopping You From Meeting People | Anastasia Date

Your Personal Assumptions Are Holding You Back

When you first see a person you would like to introduce yourself to, what first goes into your head? You can imagine it in an online or offline situation. Most likely, if you’re the kind who’s not good with approaching new people, you’ll come up with personal assumptions about the person. “She’s out of my league and likely a snob”, or “He’s probably really boastful.” You should stop immediately for the following reasons:

1. Your Personal Assumptions Are Creating Fear Within You

If you’re thinking is too negative, it instills a fear within you. What if the person rejects you? What if your negative assumptions turn out to be true? What if you get hurt because of a rejection? You will actually never know unless you try.

2. It Affects Your Self-Esteem

You’re going to tell yourself a lot of things when you failed to talk or communicate with the person you like. You’re probably going to think that you are not good enough, successful enough, interesting enough, and so on. These are all very detrimental for your self-esteem.

3. Most Of The Time, They Are Inaccurate

Guess what? Whatever you’re thinking about a person, it, most of the time, turns out to be inaccurate. What if the opposite was the truth? The lovely young lady that you thought was snobbish was actually really approachable, for example. You’re missing your chance to connect with people.

Because you have grown accustomed to forming personal assumptions even before meeting or talking to the actual person, it is going to take some time to change. If you really are determined to gain more confidence in yourself and in meeting new friends, you have to persist until you get it right. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.