Paperclipping Is A Dating Trend That Will Leave You Fuming

If you hate negative dating trends, then you will definitely loathe paperclipping. We’ve already gotten a taste of ghosting, benching and orbiting. Today, we add a term that sounds like it came from your office supply room. So, what is paperclipping, exactly?

Paperclipping Is A Dating Trend That Will Leave You Fuming | Anastasia Date

The Basics Of Paperclipping

Just like any other dating trend, the situation, itself has been happening in the dating scene ever since, but it’s just lately that it has been given a name. This particular trend starts off with the person who ghosted you. Just to refresh your memory, ghosting happens when a person you were chatting with suddenly disappeared out of the blue.

Let’s say a few months has already passed, and you have finally gotten over the person. All of a sudden, the person just sends you a friendly message like, “How have you been?” without giving you an explanation of why they disappeared.

The person just expects you to be okay with his or her message. They’re acting like nothing is wrong and everything is just fine.

Where Did Paperclipping Come From?

Oddly enough, paperclipping was derived from the paperclip character from MS Word that keeps popping up when you use the program. Yes, it’s the paperclip cartoon. That guy keeps popping up at the moment when you least expect it to, just like the person that ghosted you.

What Gives?

If you have been paperclipped, you’ll probably ask why. Why has this person resurfaced after months of radio silence? Is he or she still interested in me? Why is this person messaging me all of a sudden, as if he or she did not do anything wrong?

The answer is simple, the person who just paperclipped you is simply bored. If he or she was that interested in you, then he or she would have texted and apologized months ago. Don’t bother with the why because the answer is extremely obvious, he or she just wasn’t that into you in the first place.

What To Do Next

When you have been paperclipped, the next move is totally up to you. You can give the person a chance but really think about it first. Maybe if he or she has a pretty good explanation, but you’re the best judge for the situation. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.