What Men Don’t Realize About Impressing Women

Impressing women has long baffled men. Throughout the ages, there have been many instances documented of men going all out in order to gain the admiration of the woman they are eyeing. Based on the many bad jobs of doing this in the past, there should be a science and art course on the subject of impressing women.

Impressing Women: What Men Don't Realize | Anastasia Date

Weird Ways Men Do In Impressing Women

Many men remain clueless about impressing women. Some outgrow the awkward stage, while some just keep on repeating the same mistakes. And here are some of them:

1. Impressing With Money

You cannot impress smart and well-statured women by literally showing and throwing money around. That is a big turn off because you will just look crass. Instead, women will be more impressed with manners, conduct, and good taste. Of course, they don’t like stingy men who would let them pay for the date either. Surely you will attract some women by throwing money here and there, but they are not the kind you want to attract.

2. Impressing Women With Stunts

There’s a video of a young boy who wanted to impress a little girl by driving a real car. The girl was wise enough not to get in the car for safety reasons. As boys grow older, these stunts get worse and all the girls can do is stay away because they don’t want to get entangled and endanger with these weird stunts that boys come up with. Please act with more sense.

3. Impressing With Stupidity

There are smart men who think that acting stupidly is funny and therefore can impress a girl. There’s nothing impressive with acting stupidly. Instead of being happy, the woman will just cringe in awkwardness and embarrassment because of what you did. In the end, she will refuse to go out with you anymore for fear that you might embarrass her again. Please, know the difference between a sense of humor and slapstick comedy.

The best thing to do in impressing women is to be yourself. Let your education, manners, and status in life flow through in your speech and actions. Be natural. The more self-confidence you exude, the sexier you will appear. Women also love thoughtful men who really think about what they will like. These are the things that will most impress her. Share this post and check out other ones on our blog.