Is Real Or Not?

If you find yourself asking this question, then you are probably new to Wondering about authenticity and safety when it comes to online dating is natural. AnastasiaDate has built a portal of a great reputation over the years, but the best always have a lot of competition who work to ruin it.

AnastasiaDate.comIt is still good that you are asking this question because that way you avoid diving head first into online dating. People with little or no preparation may fall victim to scams in the future. Examining online dating sites will always help keep you safe. Now let’s take a look at the important question: “Is authentic or not?”. We will start by taking a look at some of the reviews past members have uploaded.

Heartbreak Issues

There are plenty of people out there with stories about how this or that online dating site scammed them. The story usually goes that the man was talking to a wonderful woman for a couple of months, and he started developing feelings for her. He started feeling so sure about the relationship that without having met the woman, he proposed. That led to the woman realizing that she is not ready for this step.

Ending up with a broken heart in this scenario is surely very painful, but that doesn’t mean one is dealing with a scam. Women on online dating sites are not obligated to marry the men that hey talk to. It is all about having a real spark.


There are reviews that express concern about how some women represent themselves on In this case, some women were found to be in relationships already, although their profile clearly states that they are single. Typically, members would do a Google search on these women and found pictures of the woman with a guy she calls her boyfriend. Usually on social networking sites.

AnastasiaDate has a strong anti-scam policy – women get screened before they are allowed to enter the site. However, due to someone’s mistake, not all profiles may have been tested thoroughly. This human error can cause quite a stir and should always be reported to the customer service so the company can take appropriate action.

The Houdini Act

Another story past members have experienced is when a woman does a so-called disappearing act. That is when you have been chatting to the same woman for a while and feel you have developed a serious connection and then, out of nowhere, she disappears. No replies to your messages, your calls, your emails and you don’t see her on the site anymore.

That is something that can occur in online dating. Some disappear for reasons we will never know, and others have to take care of an acute emergency. Family or health troubles will make a demand on the woman’s time, and there isn’t much we can do about that. Can you call that a scam? It doesn’t appear to be so. Unfortunate life events can dictate how online dating turns out to someone.

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