These Are The Top 5 Ideal Romantic Fall Getaway Locations

Who doesn’t love the idea of a romantic fall getaway? We all do and it doesn’t need just be an idea. Planning a trip can be quite easy using the internet. The big question is, however, what are the best places for this experience?

Best Places For Ultimate Romantic Fall Getaway

The first suggestion is Europe. One would be hard pressed to find one country where you wouldn’t have the time of your life. For this article the list is narrowed down to five of the best locations.

1. Barcelona

This city has everything one might need for an exciting romantic getaway. It is on the list of Europe’s top tourist destination all thanks to its intimate and still bustling atmosphere. There are many things to do in Barcelona but probably the best thing for a couple would be a hot air balloon ride, looking over the historic beauty of the city and its gorgeous surrounding areas. Why not even have a picnic in the clouds.

2. Venice

This city is almost unbeatable. It is difficult to think of too many other cities that have inspired so many painters, poets, musicians. It is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart. Imagine a gondola ride or enjoying the paintings at the Ca’ Rezzonico. This is one impressive location.

3. Ljubljana

A name that isn’t familiar to many. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is on this list for several good reasons. The first would be its immaculate setting where history meets the modern world. Couples can take enjoyable walks around the city and enjoy the designs of Jože Plečnik, an architect. Also visit the town square and see the statue of France Prešeren, a man famous for sonnets.

4. Prague

The capital of Czech Republic and historically the equivalent of the capital of Europe. Prague has an amazing nightlife which doesn’t take away from the stunning view of the streets at sunrise. Couples can start the day with breakfast on the balcony and spend the day admiring historic architecture.

5. Paris

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Last but not least – Paris. The iconic city of romance. The city is rich with amazing settings, fashion, great food, amazing culture life and history. Almost anything you do in this city is surrounded by the air of romance. There are plenty of adorable little cafés to enjoy an evening in.

Start Planning a Trip

This concludes the list of some of the best cities in Europe to go to on a romantic getaway. Now that you are aware of where to go in Europe, it is the high time to surprise your girlfriend, pack your bags and get on that flight. Which city is your favorite?

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