Have You Been Future-Tripping In Your New Relationship?

It’s normal to feel excited when you’re in a new relationship or dating someone new. However, we should never allow our emotions to get the best of us because we would never want to ruin everything by being too presumptuous. There’s a term for this and it’s called future-tripping.

Have You Been Future-Tripping In Your New Relationship? | Anastasia Date

Prevent Future-Tripping From Ruining Your Love Life

Future-tripping happens when you get too ahead of yourself and your relationship that you start imagining the number of kids you’ll have. It’s not just kids too. It’s imagining how your entire future will be. Right now, this may sound harmless to you, but if you become too obsessed with your daydreamed future, it may cause friction between you and your potential mate.

Remember that daydreaming about your future will not affect how your future will turn out. If you or your partner does something that you think is not aligned with what you imagined, it could cause stress. It can even cause disagreements. So, can you deal with this?

1. Do not entertain “What if’s”.

If you really think about all the “What if’s” (both good and bad), you won’t be able to sleep at night. It’s alright if the thoughts in your head are positive ones. But, if you think about negative ones, your “What if’s” could result in trust issues.

2. Be curious about the person you’re dating.

Instead of focusing on what could be, try to focus on what’s happening now. Get to know your date. Of course, you have to spend time together. Simply, focus on building your foundation so your relationship can grow.

3. Try the mirroring technique.

Have you ever heard of mirroring? Its when you imitate what your date is doing. According to experts, it can help build rapport and trust. Definitely, mirroring is way different than copying. For example, you don’t have to do all of the hand gestures that your date is doing when you’re together. All you have to do is match his or her enthusiasm in your conversation.

Remember that future-tripping or imagining what could be with someone you’re in love with is not a crime. But, the problem comes in when you don’t focus on the present because you’re preoccupied with what could happen. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.