FOMO is Stopping You From Getting an Online Date

The FOMO is real! In case you haven’t heard this expression before, FOMO simply means “fear of missing out.” People use this phrase when they want to describe something that causes them anxiety because they couldn’t do what they think they’re supposed to do.

Anastasia Date | FOMO is Stopping You From Getting an Online Date

Does that make sense? A good example to best explain how to use the word FOMO is by painting out a usual scenario that happens to almost all online daters: you download a dating app or sign up to a dating website. You become active on the site for a few days, and then life happens. You forget to check your messages for five days. BOOM! It suddenly hits you; you probably got messages from potential online dates, and you weren’t online to give a quick response.

FOMO creeps in, and you do everything that you can to make up for the days that you missed on your dating app or site. Now, do you get what FOMO is and how to use it in situations?

Why You Have No Online Date and You Probably Won’t Have One EVER if…

You’ll never have an online date if you’re always letting your FOMO get the best of you. You’re love-blocked by your fear, and you’re letting it take control of how you date. Remember, online dating is supposed to be this new and fun way of meeting people. It’s not meant to feel like a chore, you’re not supposed to stop your life for it, and, most especially, you’re not supposed to make up for anything even if you couldn’t check your messages for a week.

Some Tips to Forget Your FOMO

  • Lighten up and relax, first of all.
  • If you do get a message, do not sweat it. Just reply with the truth. They’ll understand because it probably happens to them too.
  • Do not try harder. The harder you try, the more online dating will feel like a chore.
  • Adapt a “when it happens, it happens” attitude, but don’t slack off on making your profile presentable.
  • Online date the way you want but consider tips that are actually helpful to you.

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