Everything You Need To Do After The First Date

So, the all-important first date went swimmingly. You hit it off right off the bat and the night was fun and interesting. And now you are left wondering about the next move to make. How long should you wait? Should you call her or text?  Should you send her flowers? Should you keep her waiting? Not an easy decision to make, so here’s a guide on when and how to make contact after the first date.

Read when is the best time and how it's best to make contact after the first date.

When To Contact Her After The First Date

Forget about the old “3 days rule”. Our era is so much about communication and fast dating that if you wait for so long to contact her, chances are she will have already moved on to the next guy by the time you reach out to her. That said, you should allow for some time to pass before you communicate with her so as not to appear too desperate or in her face. The best thing to do is to contact her the next day. This will give you enough time to think about what you are going to say and it will build a little bit of tension without letting the momentum of the date wear off.

How To Communicate With Her After The First Date

With so many ways to communicate, who would have thought we’d be in such a difficult position choosing the right way to get in touch after a first date? The golden rule here is to keep things real and simple. Sending her roses would be too much after just one date, while a text message or a message on Facebook would be too impersonal. The best way to go about this is to give her a call. This is far more personal than a written message. It will give you the chance to hear each other’s voice again, and it is more direct and flirty too. You should tell her how much you enjoyed your date and, if she seems into it too, you could ask her to meet again.

The moments after the first date are exciting and hold so much promise that it would be a shame to waste the chance to maintain that good first impression you made by being either too forward or too slow. Striking a balance between the two and keeping things personal and simple are the best way to go about it.

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