No BS Approach To Dating In Your 30s

Eventually, we will reach a point in our life, and in dating, when we no longer put up with anything that’s not in line with our goals and principles. We don’t fully know ourselves yet, but we know what we stand for and what we want. Let’s call it the no BS approach, which is very applicable when dating in your 30s.

No BS Approach To Dating In Your 30s | Anastasia Date

Don’t Put Up With Negativity When Dating In Your 30s

When you reach thirty, it’s highly likely that you have already gone through a good amount of life experiences – both positive and negative. You are at an age where you value these experiences because you know that they helped shape you into who you are. When it comes to dating, you can no longer afford to play games because that’s just going to waste your time. Here’s how you can do this:

1. Know What You Want

You have to have a clear idea of the person you’d like to meet and the type of relationship you want to have. If you’re into casual dating and are looking for someone less serious, that’s okay as long as you make it clear to potential dates. The main point is for you to know what you want.

2. No More Pretending

Now is the time to take off your mask. Your life experiences have already awarded you a good amount of realizations. It’s the perfect time to show the world who you are and be unapologetic about it. If being opinionated is not acceptable to the person you want to see, then you have to be brave enough to walk away.

3. Boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries. What are you willing to do and what aren’t you willing to do? With your date, what is he or she allowed to do, and where do you draw the line to distinguish what’s acceptable and what’s not?

If you’re already in your thirties and would like to date casually, then that’s alright as long as you know what you want and your date does too. It’s not always about entering into a serious relationship, but entering into one that’s right or best for you. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.