Dating Foreign Women: When Is The Right Time For A First Kiss?

Dating foreign women can be tricky for several reasons. One, they have an entirely different dating culture which you have to figure out and master. Two, the dating dynamics is also different! Do you hold her hand? Would she be OK with a hug, or, better yet, a first kiss?

First Kiss Tips When You Are Dating Foreign Women

Let’s talk some more about going in for a first kiss. It’s pretty hard to have all things in check during a first date. But a first kiss is definitely something that you should think about before doing because you need to do it at the right moment. The following tips might help you figure out what to do:

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First Date Assessment

How did your first date go? If you think that most things went according to plan and that you had an excellent time, your first kiss might be the perfect ending to the night. It’ll be like the cherry on top of the icing which, in most cases, makes an unforgettable moment.

Body Language Clues

When you are dating foreign ladies, you need to watch out for body language clues that indicate her attraction to you. Some of the gestures you need to watch out for are:

  • Head tilting, neck touching or hair tossing
  • Lingering eye contact
  • Playing with her hair
  • Arching her back
  • Giggling
All these mean that she’s attracted to you or that she likes you. These gestures are basically your GO signals so keep an eye out for each one during your date with your lady.

Go With Your Gut

The final tip is for you to go with whatever your gut tells you. You have to muster up the courage to actually go in for the first kiss, of course. Don’t worry about not being thought of as a gentleman because you shouldn’t ignore the signals that she has possibly been giving you the entire night.

There you have it. The main takeaway from this post is to go for the first kiss if all signs point to YES. Remember that most foreign ladies will not make the first move. It’s up to you to make your magical first date even more magical and romantic with a first kiss. You’ll find more of our dating and relationship tips on our blog! Don’t forget to share this post too.