AnastasiaDate is Adding More Verification Staff to Further Strengthen Their Anti-Scam Measures

AnastasiaDate, one of the leading online dating portals around, has added more people to their verification team to ensure that the dating service is even more safe for their highly valued members. This takes place in response to the growing number of attempts by scammers to exploit vulnerable people on online dating sites. AnastasiaDate is famous for continuously improving security measures and setting up comprehensive verification methods to prevent any kind of scams on their portal.AnastasiaDate

Chief Communications Officer for AnastasiaDate, Lawrence Cervantes says that the company’s goal is to maintain their position as one of the most popular scam free dating sites out there. Cervantes states that the task for the additional anti-scam task is to ensure that the service is absolutely secure in the presence of the threat of online dating scams. The portal is also very proud of being among the very few international dating sites that offers their members full transparency and keeps all data about their members confidential.

AnastasiaDate announces that they will be more vigilant than ever before in monitoring all activity that takes place on their site. The company has spent millions of dollars in order to fight online scamming. That includes hiring more staff to their verification team, investing in the highest quality anti-scam technologies around and  having a tough antiscam policy in place. All of this is done to provide their valued members with the feeling of being safe while engaging in online dating on their site.

AnastasiaDate has a zero tolerance policy for any kind of fraudulent activity and anybody caught engaging in them will get banned from the site. The anti-scam team keeps a close eye on the site to spot any sign of exploitation and will take action immediately should they notice anything. Members can feel that their identity and interests are protected.

Cervantes adds that AnastasiaDate is uncompromising with their registration process – every woman that applies for registration on the site must go through a stringent verification process that confirms her real identity. Each woman is individually contacted and will have to pass several steps to verify the truthfulness of the information she has provided on her profile.

Members can find a list of do’s and dont’s with regards to communicating with ladies on the AnastasiaDate portal in order to minimize the risk of getting scammed. The portal updates their anti-scam measures on a regular basis with the aim of providing their members with the safest dating site possible.

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