Anastasia Dating Scam: Signs Your Online Date Could Be Married

With online dating, it’s become rather easy to put just about anything on your dating profile – whether it is true or not. Because of the anonymity that our computer screens offer, some people feel the need to take on a different persona. They lie about their age, their job, and, worst of all, their marital status.

Anastasia Dating Scam Signs Your Online Date Could Be Married

Anastasia Dating Scam: Red Flags That Indicate You’re Dating A Married Person Online

We all know that it’s hard to spot if a person is, indeed, lying about their marital status. They’re just going to lie if you ask outright and, it’s not like you can go to your nearest registrations office to check their name and records. If you really want to know, based on this Anastasia Dating scam post, the best idea would be to look out for the following red flags:

1. A Different Picture

The first thing you should check is the person’s picture. Does it look old? Does it look dark? Or, does the person even have a picture on his or her dating profile? If you’re married but want to date online on the side, you don’t want people you may know to recognize you. So, this means no pictures or, at least, no pictures that make people recognize you in an instant.

2. Unwilling To Give Out Number

You have to be concerned if the person you’re chatting with tells you that he or she would rather contact you than you contacting him or her. If this person is truly open to a new relationship, wouldn’t an exchange of numbers be logical?

3. Hidden Names

Another aspect of a person’s identity that needs to be hidden is the name. Of course, an individual who wants to stray outside of his or her marriage wouldn’t want you to check his or her name on Facebook or Google.

What they do is give you a fake name, or just their first name. They will refuse to give you their last name. But how will you know if a person’s name is fake? Do a quick Google search. Today, everything has gone digital. There will likely be digital traces of this person whether it’s on social media, LinkedIn, company sites and the like.

Again, these signs are not definitive. They are red flags that indicate there is something your online date is not telling you. When you spot any of these signs, you have to decide whether you want to continue seeing this person or not. You always have to look out for yourself when you’re online dating. For more Anastasia dating scam tips, check out more posts on our blog.