5 Tips for Writing Letters when Online Dating

There are several ways you could be online dating these days. You can do video chats, live chats or even go back to the basics and write letters. The latter is the most popular for those often on the go. The vast majority of people don’t have a strategy for writing because A. they don’t have any experience or B. they have no idea what the outcome could be. That being said, we have put together an article with five tips to help you out with writing letters when online dating.

1. How Many to Send Out?

online datingHow many resumes would you send out to get a job? Obviously, as many as it takes for you to get an interview. The same should be applied to online dating. It is important to have a plan for this, and we will discuss it later. For now, think about having a mindset that is focused on succeeding. You won’t always get a response to your letters, so you need to have patience. Also the more letters you send out, the higher the chances of finding what you are looking for.

2. Personalized = Success.

Some people have taken up sending the same letter to women. They don’t know each other so there’s no harm done, right? Research has found that by far the best way to approach someone online is going through their profile, finding things that you have in common with them or what interest you, and writing a letter focused on that. Doing this engages the reader and makes them want to respond to you. It makes you sound very interested in who they are as a person.

3. Simplicity and Sincerity.

Writing a letter often makes us feel like we must put our best foot forward. First letters often end up looking like resumes because people feel they need to impress the person they are attracted to and list every achievement they have had since first grade. There is no need to approach writing in such a formal way – it makes you look boring.

4. 10 Letters a Day.

Finding the right person may not happen right away. So it is good to have a specific number of letters you send out every day and stick with it. The number should not be too high because it can cause you to burn out and lose interest after a while. We have found that the optimal number of letters is ten a day. It won’t take that long and after all – it is all in the name of love, right?

5. Filter.

When replies start coming in you should meet them with a strategy. After you reply, the next step is to have a live chat. That helps you understand if you have genuine chemistry with this person. If you find that you are not compatible – simply move on. If you are online dating to find a lifetime partner, then you don’t want to waste time.

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