Simple Tips for Online Dating Success


Simple Tips for Online Dating Success

Online Dating SuccessHow long has it been since you first started online dating? Or maybe the better question is, how many dates have you gotten or how many connections have you made since you first started with online dating? Really think about it and come up with an honest answer. If you refuse to even think about the time when you first signed up to the online dating site you’re on now, chances are you’re not getting anywhere near online dating success.

Don’t worry because you’re absolutely not alone in this. The problem is, you’ve overcomplicated things and it’s, generally, the same problem with the rest of the people who are going through the same thing as you, right now.

Do away with what you know about dating online and let’s make things simple. In order for you to achieve online dating success all you have to do is follow these simple tips:

Your Profile Matters

The 5 selfies that you have, plus the 3 sentences, on your dating profile right now are not enough (the selfies may even be weighing you down). Here’s a good tip: Let someone else take a look at your online dating profile and let them give you feedback.

Take time to write interesting things about your life but don’t blow it up too much. Make sure that you include:

  • A brief description of yourself
  • Your hobbies
  • Your likes and dislikes

Sounds pretty basic but, as you’ve demonstrated with the 3 sentences you’ve come up with, it’s not a walk in the park. Make your words sound like you’re introducing yourself to someone you just met at a bar. Make it conversational and upbeat.

As for the pictures, there are 3 things that you need to remember:

  • Use a profile picture of yourself donning a nice smile.
  • Upload pictures where you’re doing an interesting activity – climbing Mt. Everest, swimming with sharks, riding an elephant and so on.
  • If you haven’t had picture-worthy adventures yet, post a social photo of you engaged in something that you’re interested in – basketball, football, etc.

Don’t Forget Your Behavior and Personality

Both behavior and personality will either make or break you. Remember that there’s a big difference between the two: behavior is how you conduct yourself towards others and personality is the combination of distinctive qualities in your character.

Watch your behavior when you read or experience something that’s not agreeable to you. For example, if you sent several messages to someone but didn’t get a reply.

Your personality, on the other hand, should shine through. If you’re a fun guy, make sure that this comes across in your message or dating profile. If you’re the adventurous type you can say that you like travelling or trying new things. No matter what it is, the idea is that your personality should be translated in the messages your send.

Be Ready for the First Date

As long as you follow the first two tips, it’s highly likely that you’re going to get your first YES very soon. When you do, you need to be ready for the first date. The best tip we can give is to be yourself, try to be comfortable and change your mindset and treat the date as if it were your n-th time together.

Just Remember

Just remember, don’t over-complicate things. Just roll with the punches and you’ll come out with your own online dating success story. Don’t be impatient either, online dating success takes time and effort and that’s exactly what you should be putting in.

Different Ways protects its Website Members


Different Ways protects its Website Members

AnastasiaDate anti-scam policy

It’s hard to imagine that a dating website can guarantee a 100% scam-free dating experience but it seems that has done the impossible. Since it first started in 1993, AnastasiaDate has been dedicated to the protection of its members. Having understood that a secure dating environment is needed, the leading dating company has developed a proven system that ensures the safety and an overall positive experience of the people who’ve signed up and are using the various AnastasiaDate dating tools and services.

The safety measures that AnastasiaDate implements are of no secret. These measures can all be found on the website and they are in the form of DOs and DONTs, profile verification and scam and reimbursement policies:

AnastasiaDate’s DOs and DONTs
AnastasiaDate makes it a point that every member, either beginner or seasoned, understands and is reminded of the different red flags that they should be watching out for when online dating. Most of these DOs and DONTs can be found in AnastasiaDate’s website but some tips can also be found on the website itself.

These would include the following:

1. Never send money to a lady.
2. Arrange dates through the “Date Me” service.
3. Exchange contact information with a lady through the “Call Me” service.
4. Conduct video chats with a lady every once in a while.

Following these tips will ensure that a member’s personal information remains private and that the member can verify the identity of the lady he’s corresponding with.

Profile Verification
AnastasiaDate Russian datingAnastasiaDate conducts a profile verification process for the ladies that sign up. This process is tedious yet necessary.

Before a lady can sign up, her passport is checked to verify her identity. Her background is also checked to confirm her status claims, as well as the other claims that she would like to include in her profile. Another requirement that a lady needs to provide is a videotape interview where she is asked more specific questions.

Scam and Reimbursement Policies
The scam and reimbursement policies are all clearly stated on the AnastasiaDate website in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Despite keeping a close eye on the different activities that take place on the website, there are incidents that are out of the company’s hands. These situations are clearly laid out so members can be aware. This includes the following:

• The agency makes a mistake in the translation of the letter.
• If a lady refuses to answer all questions in an email.
• If after meeting with a member, the lady says she is not interested.

More information can be found on the website here.

On the other hand, if a lady misidentifies herself, requests money or an expensive gift, misrepresents the details she put on her profile and so on, AnastasiaDate will see to it that proper sanctions are implemented and that accurate reimbursements are paid.

On top of all of these, customer service representatives are on standby 24-7 to cater to any questions or complaints. Undoubtedly, all of these factors make AnastasiaDate the company that it is today – a company that takes pride in keeping its members safe.

Finding Love with AnastasiaDate’s Dating Services


Finding Love with AnastasiaDate’s Dating Services

AnastasiaDate Dating ServicesAnastasiaDate may be the answer to all distance related relationship problems if reaching out to gorgeous Eastern-European women is what you desire.

Anastasia Date dating company is one of the leading international dating services providers around and it was started in 1993 by a Russian-American couple.

The website makes it easy for men from different regions of the world to easily get connected with the ladies they desire, enabling them to have romantic online relationships by making use of AnastasiaDate’s tools and services.

There are various great dating tools, such as: chatting with a lady, giving out gifts, sending messages, calling a lady or even meeting up with a lady – all the things that wouldn’t have been possible due to distance. By far the best thing about it is that the services carry the AnastasiaDate’s seal of approval.

What are these so-called Services of Love?

Here is a small list of all the tools and services that are offered to all registered members:

Email Correspondence

Snail mail is a thing from the past. You can easily get connected to the lady of your interest right away as she will be able to read your messages when she is online. In short, this service allows members to send email messages via the AnastasiaDate’s emailing system.

Virtual Gifts

This is an exciting offer if you’re not prepared to send actual gifts yet. Members can flirt a bit with their lady and then send her a diamond, perfume, a box of chocolates and much more virtually. You can also use this feature when live chatting with a woman.

Flowers and Presents

Starting from roses and ending with stuffed animals and champagne, once you are ready, you can make special occasions even more special by sending out gifts to the lady of your interest. AnastasiaDate and the affiliate agencies guarantee that the gift(s) arrive on her doorstep right on time.

Live Chat

If you’re not interested in sending emails and prefer sending and receiving messages in real time then the Live Chat feature is perfect for you.


This feature is similar to Live Chat. The difference is that CamShare uses high-quality video and is an upgrade of Live Chat.

Call Members

This service suits you if you want to hear the lady’s voice. Members are able to schedule a phone session ahead of time, and if necessary, it’s possible to use the help of a translator.

Date a Lady

Meeting in person shows that your online relationship is now getting serious. Members don’t need to stress over planning everything because has got it covered. If you choose this service, all steps are planned for you and all you need to do is show up and see if the magic in your relationship intensifies when you meet face to face.

Dedication to Development

This is the part where Anastasia Date differs from a lot of online dating sites – they have the best tools, services and great people behind the website. Since AnastasiaDate is part of a bigger family that has fully dedicated itself to developing more ways to improve on customer satisfaction, members can expect the services to get even better.

Introduction to Online Dating Services by AnastasiaDate


A Closer Look into the AnastasiaDate Online Dating Services

AnastasiaDate LadiesIntroduction
AnastasiaDate is a name that needs no introduction in the online dating industry. Mainly, the company functions as an international dating service that connects Western men with the most exquisite and available ladies from Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

Since its founding in 1993 by an American-Russian couple, it has garnered a staggering 1,000,000 million members and counting as well as 80 million online visitors per year. The success is mainly credited to AnastasiaDate’s steadfast involvement in client safety, its constant commitment to customer happiness and dynamic pursuit of innovation.

The name of the company is based off of one of Russia’s most historical figures, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna who was rumoured to have escaped abroad after the Russian Revolution of 1917. The name represents intelligence, beauty, mystery and cross-border relations. This name is indeed appropriate, evoking Russia’s multi-layer culture and reminding us of an era of transformation.

From then until now, Anastasia Date has become a leading powerhouse in the industry and it has enhanced its services such as Romance Tours which have become popular worldwide, having the most beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, etc. enlist on the website.

Currently, AnastasiaDate has over 300 full-time international teams working from USA, Columbia, Russia, China, and Kenya. Having already built momentum, AnastasiaDate’s future is looking bigger and brighter than ever.

Company Goal

The aim is simple. With AnastasiaDate’s unique dating tools and customer-aimed services, the goal is to bridge a connection, to help single people from different parts of the world meet, broadening their reach for love and narrowing their chances of finding their better half with just one click of a button.


The services and tools that are found on Anastasia Date are big factors to its success. These features give members a media for communication and connection. The obstacles that distance gives are reduced or minimized. With these services, giving of gifts, understanding languages, reading and replying to messages in real time, etc. becomes possible.

5 of AnastasiaDate’s Most Used Tools and Services

1. Live Chat

Live Chat is a tool that allows a member to instantly converse with a foreign lady through the internet. Messages and responses will be sent and read in real time. There’s no need to wait to get a response as long as your chosen European lady on the other end is online. A member may also choose to chat with a lady with the use of video.

• Allows a member to chat with two or more ladies simultaneously without having to close one chat window.
• Receive and reply to messages in real time.
• With video option: Allows a member to see the other person (One way video only).

Accessing the Tool:
• The Live Chat tool can be found on any Anastasia Date lady’s profile. Check for online ladies and click on the “Live Chat” icon to open the chat window.
• On the home screen, a small window on the right hand-side will pop-up showing different ladies who are currently online. Click on “Start Chat Now” to chat with a certain lady.

2. Live Video (CamShare)

This is another tool that’s similar to Live Chat, but with the additional features of video and voice. A member can receive real time chat messages and voice messages while seeing each other live.

• Receive and reply to chat messages in real time.
• With voice option: Have a more realistic conversation.
• With video option: Allows a member to see the other person and vice versa (Two way video).

Accessing the Tool:
• Accessing this tool is similar to accessing the Live Chat function. See the ladies who are currently online and then check their profile for a “Video” icon which can be found on a lady’s profile picture. Click CamShare located on the right of their profile picture to begin the video session.

Find out how to use this tool in the video below:

3. Email Me

This tool allows a member to send emails to a lady of his choosing. In this email message, a member can attach his photo or any other file he wishes to send. Unlike the Live Chat function, a member would have to wait for a response and the waiting time solely depends on the lady’s online availability.

• Allows a member to send longer messages.
• Has the option to send photos or other files.
• Composing messages via this function requires effort and thought, making the message more meaningful.

Accessing the Tool:
• Access a lady’s profile and click on ‘Email Me’.
• See the ladies who are online and then click on the envelope icon found underneath the profile picture.

4. Date Me / Date a Lady

This is a unique service being offered by AnastasiaDate. It is a program where the company assists registered members to set up a meeting with the ladies they have been corresponding with on the website. The sole purpose of this service is to help the would-be couple to determine their compatibility by spending time together in a safe and controlled environment.

• Allows a member to meet the lady he is corresponding with face to face.
• Offers a hassle free meeting as AnastasiaDate provides logistical assistance as well as interpreting services.
• Eliminates the possibility of a lady not showing up at a meeting.

Availing of this Service:
• On a lady’s profile, click on Date Me. As a prerequisite, and to validate the intentions of both parties, a member must send five letters and receive five responses from a lady.
• Once this step is finished, a member must fill out a request form as well as background form. A confirmation will be sent after a period of time and the meeting is arranged and set up by AnastasiaDate.

5. Call Me

This service allows a member to place a phone call and have a conversation with a lady of his choosing. There are 3 options to this service:

• Phone Reservation
o This option is done to schedule a phone call between a lady and a member. Translation services are used for this option.

• Instant Call
o This option allows a member to instantly make a call to a lady via AnastasiaDate’s standby operators.

• Collect Call
o This allows a lady to call a member through the phone.

• A member will be able to receive and give out phone calls, hearing the lady’s voice.
• The actual phone call does not require an internet connection to take place.

Availing of this Service:
• On a lady’s profile, click on Call Me. The next step is filling up a reservation form or calling the hotline operators to choose your desired Call Me option.

Other services to-be members can look forward to:

• Romance Tours
• Flowers & Presents
• Virtual Gifts
• AnastasiaDate BONUS Program

Social Channels

Anyone can connect and get updates on through one of the following social media profiles:

AnastasiaDate Facebook AnastasiaDate Twitter AnastasiaDate G+ AnastasiaDate Pinterest AnastasiaDate Instagram AnastasiaDate Youtube

Expect to see new profiles of the ladies, useful information about the services and current promotions, dating tips, videos and a whole lot of pictures from gorgeous Russian ladies waiting for the love of their life to come and contact them. Visit each channel and subscribe today.

Anti-Scam Policy

Anyone with an internet connection and a computer or a smart phone can sign up to a random dating site and start contacting the people they are interested in. However, only a few dating sites in the industry truly offer customer safety.

Inevitably, online scammers have seized the opportunity to gain dishonestly using the online dating system. But with AnastasiaDate’s scam prevention policy, a registered member will be able to enjoy corresponding and contacting ladies without having to worry about being scammed or being ripped off. Members can be sure that the AnastasiaDate team keeps a watchful eye on all the activity on the website, checking personal and contact information of the ladies regularly.

In the event that something does happen and a member feels that he has somehow been scammed, they can file a complaint with the customer service team, attaching any kind of evidence they have gathered. The team will then investigate the matter and contact you to discuss the appropriate actions to take.

To sum up, all AnastasiaDate members are in good hands – hands belonging to a company that’s devoted to and takes pride in the safety and satisfaction of its members.

Success Stories

Love is in the air no matter what time of the year and has proof of this. Successful love stories are being published almost every month as new and happy couples share their experiences of finding love through Let’s take a look at the latest ones:

Oksana and Duncan

Oksana and Duncan first met in July 2013. Both of them had been registered with AnastasiaDate for some time before they found each other. At first, the couple exchanged emails, but soon began to use the Live Chat feature. They were in contact almost every day until after a month of communication, Duncan ordered a telephone conversation through the site. Oksana describes this experience as very emotional as both were nervous to hear each other’s voice for the first time. Their fears vanished as soon as they began conversing as if by magic. Read Oksana and Duncan’s story here.

Lyudmila and Frank

As Lyudmila is describing her experience with online dating, she says she is very happy to have met the best man in the world on She wishes to thank the agency for helping make her dreams come true and admires the company’s dedication to helping single people find love again. Lyudmila met Frank last year and so far they have met three times already. While it’s difficult to spend time apart, Lyudmila admits Frank makes her very happy and says he is the man of her dreams. The most important thing to Lyudmila is that her partner loves her son and the country she’s from. Read Lyudmila and Frank’s full love story here.


Ukraine women on AnastasiaDateThere’s nothing like where the possibility of finding love in Russia, Ukraine, South America and Asia are greater. Being the one leading the international dating industry, AnastasiaDate might just meet almost all of your expectations – high quality in service, in tools, in uniqueness and in innovation. Signing up to AnastasiaDate is also a chance for you to experience the safety and the customer satisfaction that everyone expects from a top dating website.