Top Qualities European Women Are Looking For in a Man

There are plenty of dating portals to pick from, but only the best have the best dating tools, a tough anti-scam policy, and a big member base. In this article, we are going to take a look at what European women who use online dating portals look for in a man.

Online dating hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. Only recently it was considered to be a merely for people who can’t get dates in person or seen as a playing ground for scammers. With the passing time, there is less and less of a negative connotation tied to dating online and singles are realizing how useful it can be for their pursuit of true love.

European womenPlenty of research has been conducted on the topic of what exactly are women from specific regions looking for in a man. This information should be of great use for guys looking to date someone from a certain demographic. Let’s take a look at what European women fancy:

1. Honesty

Nothing puts a person off faster than not being truthful. Not only should your conversations be honest, so should your profile. A lot of the time, people feel like they need to spice up their dating profile a bit so they could stand out from others on the site. However, it has a negative effect on the success of online dating – the truth always comes out at the end.

2. Sincerity

Most ladies are looking for a serious relationship, and that means if you are only looking for a fling, things can go badly. The men should be very clear about what they are looking for and be upfront about it. Playing games is not going to get you anywhere.

3. Maturity

Mature behavior shows in confidence, knowing what you want, treating women with respect, having achieved financial stability, being open-minded and so on. A lot of guys try to impress the ladies with jokes, forgetting that someone from a different culture may not fully understand the intent behind it. Things get lost in translation, as the women’s ability to speak English can be limited.

4. Ambitions

Everyone is attracted to someone with a clear focus in life, and European women are no exception here. Studies show that being ambitious is very high on the list of what these ladies want in a guy. A mature man who appreciates honesty and sincerity is the ideal.


These are the four qualities that European women are looking for in a man. How do you feel you compare to the list?