Preparing for a First Date with a European Woman

We all know how nerve-wracking first dates can be. Especially if you are really attracted to the person. You want to leave a great first impression and hopefully it is enough to get a second date. If you happen to be the worrier type then the pressure builds even faster. Don’t forget that you are dating someone from a diffent culture – from Europe, so the process is different. Read on to find out how to best prepare for a first date with a European woman.

1. Plan for the Location

You should have a good idea about where you are going to have your date. You know your own neighborhood well: pick a place that isn’t too loud so you can have a conversation. A small cafĂ© or a restaurant will do just fine. The Online Dating Successmost important thing is to feel at ease on your date.

2. Your Outfit

After you have picked the right spot, the next thing is to choose an outfit. Wearig a suit or anything fancy isn’t required for the first date but you do need to look presentable and also comfortable. Think about what your definition for “comfortable” is. If it’s just jeans and a t-shirt then you need to change it. You can use Google to find good ideas for what to wear.

3. Conversation Topics

This is another very important point: you should be aware which topics are acceptable and which are not. Since you are dating European women then the topics you don’t want to discuss are family, past relationships, money and anything else that can be seen as too personal.


It is okay to ask basic things like “do you have any brothers or sisters?” or what their names are. You can aslo ask a bit about their educational backgound but anything beyond that can be seen as too personal.

Past Relationships

Lots of countries in Europe(especially in the Eastern-European region) are still very conservative and this is most true with romantic relationships. Women have usually had several relationships, sometimes only one, sometimes none. Asking how many she has had or what they were like will make her feel uncomfortable.


There probably isn’t a place on Earth where it is a good idea to discuss how much money you earn. You don’t want to come across as a bragger. There are several topics that file under the title “money”. They are how much each of you earn, how much you spend on vacations, how much your car or clothes cost. You don’t want to leave the women with the impression that you are trying to impress them with wealth.

4. Be the Perfect Gentleman

There are many things European ladies expect on the first date. Among them is of course the gentlemanly gesture of paying the bill. So you need to have a good budget for the first date. We did say that you don’t need to take her to an expensive restaurant but consider taking her out for dessert at another location after dinner.

5. Mental Preparation

This is the last tip. When you have covered the previous four then the last thing to do is prepare mentally. Skip this if you feel like you have enough confidence to take this date on. If you don’t then we recommend you get a good workout in: lots of studies have shown that excercising increases confidence. Also you can watch first date videos on youtube. Some people prepare by practicing conversation in front of the mirror.

You are good to go!

These five tips will make sure you have a good first date with your European woman. You are not limited to just these five and can do more research online. What we would like you to take from this is that you need to look presentable, have a good idea about where to take your date, be polite in conversation and be mentally prepared. Hopefully you two have great chemistry together and will go out on many more dates.

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