Do Nice Guys Finish Last On Dating Sites?

How many times have you heard this: “You’re too nice, and that’s why you’re in the friendzone. If you stop being too nice, you’ll get all the girls”? A lot of people think that nice guys always finish last when it comes to dating. Men who have had their hearts broken can confirm this too. So, what is up with girls who pick the bad boys over the nice ones?

Anastasia Date | Do Nice Guys Finish Last On Dating Sites?
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The Truth About Being Mr. Nice Guy On Dating Sites

Let’s take a look at the typical characteristics of a “bad boy” so we can figure out what’s going on. Bad boys on dating sites tend to have sleek hairstyles, lots of pictures of themselves (some without a shirt on) and have interesting things on their profiles because they live an exciting life. From this, we can say that bad boys take pride in looking good, and are confident and self-assured.

Characteristics Women Like In Men

The truth is women are attracted to bad boy characteristics. Psychology Today calls these bad boy characteristics narcissistic.  The same site says women quickly fall for narcissists because they can seem bolder and sexier.

The Case Study That Proves The Saying Is Wrong

Don’t lose hope yet nice guys. There have been studies that prove that niceness is a positive factor when a woman chooses her partner, but so is attractiveness. The difference between the two elements is the importance they have when a longevity of a relationship is in question. For example, bad boy characteristic are more “valuable” for short-term relationships, while niceness is more important in long-term ones.

In Conclusion

Don’t change yourself just to get all the girls. If you want to be Mr. Nice Guy on dating sites, feel free to do so. The bad boys may be getting all the girls now, but the nice guys will be the ones that the girls would bring home to meet their family. So, in conclusion, nice guys don’t always finish last after all.

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